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Perched Owl Stand Up

Story ID:11500
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Perched Owl Stand Up

Perched Owl Stand Up

Here's the first of the new year and tried several new things.

Before I stuffed my cat can I wanted to see if shredded paper could be used and painstakingly separated some with color, trimmed, and glued on and it worked. Has a nice chaotic look. I had to show it and hope it doesn't look too huge. My matchbox feet are colored napkin wrapped that adds a chaotic color scheme to the shredded paper slices. Decided the bottom metal rim would be bare and you can see a trace of the back punches of lavender ditto page end paper.

Stuffing the can I traced in glue the can shape on the bottom filled it in and placed my sugar box cardboard on, did the same for the top and weighted it with my stone. A day later did I shoelace everything to tighten the glue bond and completely trimmed both the next day.

Washing dishes with a steel wool pad I had a brainstorm. Can steel wool be used as a supply. Owl's perch is a thick wad of steel wool rolled into a snake like you do clay. It can be rolled thinly too. Gets quite warm when you roll it between your hands. Steel wool can be painted so I painted my perch black. I don't know about lighter colors and my Acrylics are thin but the point is I was able to paint steel wool. Put a coating of glue to seal the paint and steel wool glued nicely on the background which was thin white food box cardboard cut and trimmed, glued onto sugarbox cardboard and painted with yellow Acrylic. Yellow looks better on white background paper and can be applied thinner.

The rim is green Acrylic dabbed on so it looks like grass using the tip of my brush. Then I did a rim of my hairy seeds that are almost gone from my jar.

Owl's sun is a yellow Styrofoam disk taken from my old scrap then covered with scrap orange paper so the edges are yellow. The Styrofoam sun edges I sandpapered smooth.

Nice Spring colors for Winter.