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Sheep Stand Up

Story ID:11504
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Sheep Stand Up

I couldn't tell whether I had a sheep or goat. Seems I have a sheep because he's plump not thinner like a goat from the pictures I had to look up. I've never had mutton and I don't like veal, so at any age this sheep is safe from being eaten by me at least. I met a sheep once.

He's on a stuffed cat food can on a background of scrap Paisley wrapping paper rimmed by lavender ditto end paper surrounded by fake flowers with cardboard punch centers. Gold glitter completes the bottom. He was originally standing in tall grass but I had to trim to fit so now he's standing in gold glitter. The thin brown rim is a combo of powdered seed mixed with dried tea which also covers the back. My matchstick feet are painted with Acrylic crimson.

I cut printer paper to fit the can's outside over the label and painted it blue which I knew would cover better than painting the original can paper and the blue background goes well under my tin foiled cardboard paper punches.

Tired of cat food cans. Thinking of a sardine can project next.