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Sardine Can Wreath Bears

Story ID:11507
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Photograph
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Sardine Can Wreath Bears

When I saw these bears in junk mail I fell in love especially when you have a bear holding a yummy looking cupcake.

We stuffed our cleaned sardine can with shredded paper and topped with sugarbox cardboard that's just on the top.

We then dipped into my stash of cardboard punches that were from cereal box, sugar box and animal cracker box and I just pick a handful. Except for the zebra punch that I missed the other punches were glued onto food junk mail and trimmed to line the can around the rim.

Taking a trio of junk mail wreaths did I cut out the two that looked less Christmasy and put a couple food picture paper punches in their middles.

Digging further in my cup of pictures I found two perfect flowers.

My bears are sitting on strained kitty litter pebbles from my scoop I always keep next to my bead box.

Metallic blue Acrylic makes a nice sky.

Under the can edge did I glue two strips of brown junk mail menu pizza paper all around. The sides and back are tan paper bag punches.

Sardine cans stand well horizontally or vertically thanks to the extra metal rim.