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Crab's Corner-Waste Of Tax Payer Money

Story ID:11509
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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What a big waste of tax payer money these investigations are because NOTHING will happen! Trump is an impossible tick to get rid of!

Donald Trump lies. Has anyone stopped him? NO!

All the players in this investigation will get little to no jail I think because of what they might say. They've lied, most of the crap that they've done has been proven, the gotten guilty pleas are irrelevant because they're not in jail!

Donald Trump constantly lies like I said and no one calls him out on it directly. Great to talk about it on television but no one will actually say to him stop lying!

Donald Trump refuses to show his tax returns. Has anyone tried to get and release them to prove all his Russian ties and general cheating? NO! Politicians and regular people refuse to even discuss it. People say they care but no protests about it that leads anywhere.

Trump profits off the Presidency. He invites American politicians who whisper into his ignorant ear and foreign people who may want to bribe Trump to go easy on their countries and NOTHING is done to stop his profiteering! No one has forced him to give up his businesses. He pushes his properties and tenants pay him and NOTHING is done to stop it. He profits off his golf courses. He's violating the emoluments clause with foreign and domestic money with his businesses, properties and policies that make him an extra buck NOTHING is done to stop it.

He keeps itching for a stupid war and no one will tell him to stop provoking! Even a threat of nuclear war no one listens to because Americans don't give a damn!

Now we have these petty investigations that may lead somewhere but nothing will be done to get this delusional maniac out of office no matter the evidence.

Where are the protests at Trump's door! Where is anyone making Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all the other ass kissing Trump sycophants' life miserable to get Trump out of office! Protesting blocks or states away don't do much. You think voting will help? Well you voted and the only vote that counted were the electoral college for President and Vice President not the popular vote. You can vote all you want for new representatives, you can even get more Democrats to try to regain power. But it's politicians who decide that one party always gets more power instead of working together with the other party and politicians regardless of party will say anything to get your vote and do what they want whether you like it or not! The Democrats you voted for are doing nothing. The Republicans people claim they hate aren't being pressured to change their tune and they're out for themselves which suits people as long as they're not personally getting the shaft.

Trump and his minions are going to escape all punishment, so why are we wasting tax payer money on investigations that will go NOWHERE in terms of real punishment!

There's plenty to impeach but no one will and the American People don't demand it. Well almost no one. I've demanded it by signing petitions. It'll go nowhere but at least I tried! No politician will 25th Amendment Trump. Again I've signed petitions. It's led nowhere but at least I tried. What have YOU done!

The petty Russian investigation charade is getting old, it could prove everything ten times over and excuses will be made to look the other way, no one will impeach Trump for his continued profiteering and mental instability, we'll never know the findings unless Mueller's boss decides we should know and we know whatever report is made it's never going to be released because others will decide so why bother wasting any more money on these investigations when Donald Trump will never be held accountable backing up my claim that Trump is an impossible tick to get rid of!