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I Met An FBI Man

Story ID:11510
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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When I was nine in 1968 I got to meet my 3rd grade teacher's husband who was new at the FBI and my teacher was going to transfer to Washington D.C. at the end of the year. I was upset at her leaving feeling very close to her and never seeing her again in the hall to say hello so she thought it would help if I met her husband. She could've easily not cared.

At night dad took me to school to meet Mrs. Sullivan and her husband. What a sight he was! Tall, dressed in a light suit, pretty blue tie, blue eyes and dark hair in a buzz cut. He looked good in one. My brother had one once and he looked like a peach!

Mrs. Sullivan's husband was soft spoken and had a nice smile. He thought it funny that I thought he was like in the FBI television show at the time where the bad guy was taken down with a shot in the leg. He assured me he didn't do that and showed that he had no gun on him.

I told him I was worried how the move would be on his wife, my teacher, and he promised me that he'd make sure that Mrs. Sullivan wouldn't have any trouble and that she'd be safe in a new city. It worked for me!

I'll never forget how nice he was. He didn't have to care. My teacher didn't have to care. People move all the time, right? Well I was very attached to Mrs. Sullivan and knowing she'd be taken care of comforted me at 9-years-old.

Meeting my teacher's FBI husband was a thrill and nothing Trump can ever say will tarnish that meeting or the work the man did.

The End.