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Crab's Corner-David Cay Johnston

Story ID:11512
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Been watching David Cay Johnston whose touted as a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter spout off for a few weeks promoting his books and he's irritating.

He tells people to vote. You can "change" the Congress if you do. He tells people if you don't vote don't complain. He's spent thirty years writing about and following Trump.

Number one. Vote or not your opinion and ire DOES matter! What next? Tell people don't complain about your lousy airplane flight unless you own an airline? If you say voting is important and you can change things and he toutes his expertise in many things, why won't HE run for public office. Nope! If voting matters where was he yelling about getting rid of the electoral college! Nope! If he says you must vote to change things where is his outrage over politicians endlessly promising anything to GET your vote and doing nothing for you, or the only time you hear about a politician is during an election of one kind or another so you've never heard of them before. Nope!

Not once did this guy say he signed any petitions to get rid of Trump. It does nothing to do this which I have but Johnston didn't say a word about doing it. If you have to go everywhere boasting about your Pulizer prize in writing in your introductions by everyone, you're no better than Trump in boasting.

He's exposed Trump for what he is but does nothing to get rid of him. He'll lecture and go on news shows and no doubt profits off his books.

If David Cay Johnston is such an advocate of change, and he's a "registered Republican" what have his votes counted for!

He said Poor get screwed because we don't vote. Blaming us doesn't cut it. Middle Class get screwed because they don't vote. They vote plenty of people who promise them everything and don't mind blaming Poor.

I used to respect David Cay Johnston. Now all he is is a promoter of his books useful though they may be and those books have changed nothing other than get him publicity.

If he's so for changing "our" Government, with his smarts maybe he should run for political office and show how it's done.

The most irritating of him in a video I saw of him on YouTube during a question session was his "I'm in the diagnostic business generally not the solutions business" when he was criticizing how things are reported with "more sizzle than steak".

It's up to people to decide what's real news and fake and no lower rank politician or President can demean something they don't like unless you substitue a politician's views for your own no matter whose in office. I don't have a problem with immigration no matter the fear mongering of Trump or any other politicians inventing a problem. I won't hate the Intelligence people no matter how much Trump crows about them because his opinion means nothing. The right to bear arms is an outdated 17th century notion that's been twisted to give an excuse to kill people with guns. You have the choice to agree or not. Pro gun people don't have the right to berate anti-gun people for their opinion as pro gun people don't own exclusive rights on the discussion. If it sounds outlandish it isn't real news to me and I dismiss it. Won't allow others to decide for me. I don't need a President dictating what to believe or who to hate because he's not a King who commands me.

David Cay Johnston can lecture all he wants and he sounds good, but I decide whether he's of value and being a Pulizer Prize winning writer doesn't matter one bit! It's like a really smart person with an I.Q. through the roof. If they lack common sense being real smart means nothing. Just because you have a Pulizer Prize doesn't make you better in your opinions.

I think I'll shelve the self promoting David Cay Johnston. He's become annoying. His steak may be great but his book promotion tour is all too much fattening sizzle that drips in the pan. You be the judge and go look at his many YouTube videos and decide your like.