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Story ID:1382
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Gilboa New York USA
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By Fred Wickert

Have you ever been suddenly struck with a realization that by rights, you shouldnít be here? According to all that you know and all you have been taught in life, you should be gone? That the only reason you are still here and walking around, is because you are in Godís hands? What an awesome and awakening feeling that is.

Some past events of my life have just been going through my mind, and I suddenly become aware that by rights, I shouldnít be here. I should have been killed long ago.

When I was born, I tried to come crosswise. The doctor turned me around and then I came out backwards. When babies did things like that they were often strangled by the umbilical cord. Now days they can do an emergency ďCĒ section. I had no such problem. I was in Godís hands.

At age twelve, I became infected with polio. Many died from it, and many more were permanently crippled severely for life. Neither happened to me. I was in Godís hands.

While in high school, I was caught in a flash flood with the family car. The water lifted the car and spun it around like a top, until it hit a maple tree. To look at the damage to the car one has the conclusion the driver of that car was probably killed, or at least mangled terribly. I had only a small cut on my thumb from flying glass and severe headaches for a couple of weeks from my head going through the windshield. I was in Godís hands.

In my senior year in high school, I stayed home one morning with the flu. The oil space heater used to heat the house was directly under my bedroom floor. While I lay asleep, sick in bed the oil heater exploded and burned the house down. I escaped with only burns to my face and head, which healed nicely, leaving no scar tissue. I was in his hands.

While serving in Okinawa during the Korean war, I was driving an Air Police jeep in a typhoon and another man with me in the front passenger seat. The top and side curtains had been removed and the windshield lowered and strapped down to the hood for protection from the storm. A powerful gust of wind lifted the jeep and set it down in the road in the path of an oncoming car. I struggled to recover the jeep and move back to my own side of the road without success. We were helpless and knew we were going to crash head on. Within feet of the impending crash, another gust of wind lifted the oncoming car and set it down in the other lane and the two vehicles passed by one another on the wrong sides of the road, but in safety. We were in Godís hands.

I served twenty-five years in military and civilian security and law enforcement, some of it in combat zones with only very minor injuries. I was in Godís hands.

After retiring from Security and Law Enforcement, I worked on different types of construction driving ten wheel dump trucks. On one occasion the gasoline tank on the drivers side erupted in flames. The tank also served as a step to get in and out of the truck. I was able to evacuate the truck, put out the flames and plug the leak without an explosion or anyone getting hurt. I was in Godís hands.

On a steep mountain road on another occasion, with twenty-two tons of crusher run stone on board, the universal joint on the drive shaft broke. On an incline with the rear of the truck pointing down hill, stepping on the brake had a tendency to lift the front of the dump box, putting the truck in danger of tipping over. Very slowly, I was able to back the truck half a mile in that condition until I reached a flat pull off on the side of the road. I safely maneuvered the truck onto that flat area and parked it until a mechanic could come and repair it. I was in Godís hands.

A few years later, I was running late. I was the president of the County Family Care Provider Association. The monthly meeting was scheduled for the morning in question and I was in a hurry. Earlier in the morning there had been a few hours of light rain. The road was two-lane macadam in a thickly wooded area. I was driving well over the speed limit. I came to a straight stretch and pushed the pedal to the metal.

Suddenly a doe deer with two little fawns ran out in the road and stopped. I began pumping my brakes. The doe and one of the fawns suddenly dashed for safety on the other side of the road. The remaining fawn tried but all four feet went out from under it in opposite directions. I told myself I could not hit that little fawn. There was a wide grassy shoulder on my right. I couldnít stop in time so I took the shoulder.

The ground was wet and soft and the right front wheel got to close to the edge of the ditch. The ground under the wheel gave way and it pulled me into the ditch. The vehicle, a Dodge Grand Caravan began going over on to the passenger side. The other side of the ditch was a steep bank covered in brush. The side of the van slid along the brush on its side until it came to a stop. The fawn recovered, got up and trotted off the road to safety.

I unfastened the seat belt and with much difficulty pushed the door upward and climbed out of the vehicle. Within a minute or two, a man and woman stopped with a four-wheel drive pick up truck. We hooked a chain onto both vehicles and he was able to pull me out and upright my van.

He refused to accept any payment beyond my thanks. I got back in my van and went to the meeting unscathed.

The van looked to have many scratches under the mud that covered the side of the vehicle. The first chance I got, I put the car through a soft brush automatic car wash. After being washed, both mud and scratches disappeared. The fawn, van and myself were all unscathed. The fawn and I were both in Godís hands.

I have many times been aware of things working out in an unlikely way, and have understood that God had to have had a hand in it. It had to be more than just coincidence. When you suddenly remember back in time and become aware that you are alive and well because you were, and are in Godís hands, it is the sudden realization of the awesome power of God. It is also a very comforting thing to know.

The first photo is the car I was caught in the flash flood with, that ended wrapped around a Maple tree.

The second photo is of the Dodge Van I was driving when it tipped over on the passenger side, trying to avoid hitting Bambi.

The third photo is of the house that burned. My room was in the front, second floor, center.