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Old Year's Night

Story ID:1428
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Manhattan KS USA
Person:Our Echo Community
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Old Year's Night

Old Year's Night

Old Year’s Night

Our friends in South Africa refer to December 31st as Old Year’s Night, the reversal of our New Year’s Eve. Somehow I like their term a little better than our own for tonight is often a time of reflection. It’s a day to look back over the year and count our blessings or look at the times we’d like to forget and figure out the how and why.

When I was a little girl and waiting for an important event, my mother told me that time would go faster as I became older. How right she was, for the years in this Medicare stage of my life seem to literally fly past me, and I find that I’d like to call them back. “Slow down,” I’d tell them if only it were possible. I’d like to take time to savor the good parts and perhaps analyze the not so good.

A brand new grandson ranks high among my blessings for 2006 right along with the three granddaughters we also have. The joy these four little ones bring seems to soothe the ache of losing two very close friends this year. I’ve had some real success selling my stories, articles and essays the past twelve months, and that’s a real plus. I have a husband who I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world, and my health is pretty good—“for my age,” as the doctor keeps saying. One of these days I may clobber him when he adds that to whatever he’s told me. Someday, he too will reach that “…for your age…” stage of life, too.

One of the nicest things that 2006 brought to me is OurEcho. It was early in the year when I discovered the site, quite by accident. The slogan Scott selected “Everyone has a story. What’s yours?” intrigued me, and the stories I read on my first visit gave me reason to return a second time, a third time and now on a daily basis. I like to see what’s new each day, to track my own stories to see what kind of numbers they get. I’ve found many writers of professional quality here, and others who are amateur writers but who have a story to tell, and I’ve enjoyed reading all those tales. Some tickle the funnybone, others tug at my heart, and still others cause a tear to fall, but all of them reach out to me in some way or another.

Scott calls us a community, and he’s right about that, but in some sense we’ve also become a family of writers. I count OurEcho and all who dwell here as one of the highlights of this year. I hope you do, too.

May the new year bring you peace of mind, good health, a bit of happiness and contentment, and more stories for OurEcho.

Happy New Year to all!

Photo 1 Alexis (10) and Gracen (7)

Photo 2 Jordan (3) and Cole (7 weeks here)