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Serendipity -2007

Story ID:1590
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakwood Ohio USA
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Serendipity -2007

Serendipity - a seeming luck to finding something good accidentally. This past week I found two things I immediately was drawn to - a segment called LIVING GREEN in the Guideposts and a VCR cassette called "MINDWALK" which
my friend Michael asked me to view.

Both of these happenings made me hope that we are entering a climate where the needs of our environment are finally being seriously addressed. I shudder when I hear environmentalists being derisively called "tree huggers." However, I pray that I am one of their august circle.

The first installment of Living Green in the February 2007 Guideposts is called "Every Living Thing." After her sons witnessed the destruction of large tracts of forest near Lake Tahoe and beyond, this wonderful teacher began to realize that like many Christians she never thought nature needed protecting. Her boys and their discovery of the denuded forests made her change her mind.

About 10 years ago she started what she thought might be a marriage of opposites - a Christian environmental group. She called this fledging group -CHRISTIANS CARING FOR CREATION. This group of 200 from around the country pray for the herons, the forests, and the mountains. They pray for the earth's precious natural resources and for the creatures who we may not even notice like the relative of the otter that lives in old-growth forests. They also prayed once for an olive-green toad whose habitat was being destroyed. I wanted to cry for joy. How much we need people like Connie Hanson, her caring sons, and her Christians Caring for Creation group.

I certainly would like to be a part of this prayer circle. I also belong to a group of people (Catholic-animals.org) who care about the animals generally who are victims by and large of a society who believes they are ours to use as we will without much concern to their welfare. The greatest ill-treatment is reserved for our incarcerated factory- farm animals. According to "Fast Food Nation" it was during the Reagon administration that the anti-trust laws were shunted and big agri-businesses were given the green light for all practical purposes to put most of the little farms and ranches out of business. No, in my opinion BIG IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER.

Ask the little farmers and ranchers. I am ashamed we allowed this to happen, but probably
the promise of cheaper food sounded good. But not only did these people suffer, but the animals suffer horrendously in confined factory type settings where they are now treated as articles of production instead of the living beings they are. And by the way, our food and
health have suffered adversely too. Now the plants are loaded with pesticides and the animals are injected with hormones and other drugs. All this goes along with the big agri-business concept.

If you don't get the Guideposts, it is now sold on magazine stands. In my opinion, Connie
Hanson's article is worth the cost. She closes her article with a quote from the Psalms
"Every animal of the forest is mine. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine." And in her words --" Every animal, says God. Not just the grand ones. Every animal. That's why I'm a Christian caring for creation. For the forests and the creatures that need forests to live. For the herons. Even for toads, those tiny players in the panorama of God's interconnected creation." God bless you Connie Hanson.

Now Michael's tape -MINDWALK, I didn't think it would interest me much even though the
jacket showed 3 wonderful actors -Liv Ulman, Sam Waterson, and John Heard. Was I ever wrong.
Though I have to admit they often talked way over my head --the wonderful people they
portrayed - a physicist, a poet, and a politician had so much to offer that I was still basically mesmerized in my confusion.

One thing though which pleased me no ends was Liv's character saying things which I totally agreed with. She mentioned how our economic decisions may have led to a large portion of the world's children starving. It is not news that we comprise 6% of the world's population and use 50% of its goods. Of course this is astounding and shameful. Do we need so much when others have so little?

Then she mentions how we are eating too much red meat and having heart and cancer
problems as well. Sam, the politician interjects that our medicine is sufficient to take care of our problems. For example he says- in the case of having a diseased gall bladder, it can be removed and then the problem is taken care of. Liv answers that we have not removed the cause of the bad gall bladder which is probably a faulty diet and soon other medical issues will insue. She says that not only eating more healthily will benefit us in the long term, but in the case of eating red meat, we are even decimating the rain forests to raise cattle. And these rain forests are a vital part of the environment. I was so surprised to hear her speaking words which I had just recently wrote to Guideposts re LIVING GREEN.

Sam the politician said that should he want to present her views -the ranchers would
not be happy with loss of their financial welfare and some of them were his constituents. Not surprisingly, economics rears its ugy head - no matter the consequences to our health or to
the compassionate care of our cattle or to the environment.

The poet often interjects with musings often allied to Liv's. Since poetry is sadly not
my forte, I often didn't understand the poets he quoted. Of course, all my little obsevations
are over-simplifications of their wonderful conversations, Not only does the physicist
bemoan meat-eating and the connection with the denuding of the forests, but she also bemoans her work with lasers which she had hoped would be used for medical purposes but rather aided the making of the atom bomb.

The poet has found peace and quiet for introspection on the impressive island-abbey of Mont St. Michel where he and his politician
friend meet by chance Liv, the physicist. Their conversations based on the book "The Turning Point" by Fritjof Capra I found riveting, interesting, fascinating, and many times difficult to fully comprehend. However, I gleaned enough to make me realize that the writer is probably an environmentalist and humanitarian. Liv could not say the wonderful things she did if he were not.

However both men came off well in their points of views realizing that what Liz had to offer
was important and sound. Perhaps they had not even heard or thought about them before.

I believe this tape, a film based on Capra's book, was produced in 1992. For me it was serendipity that Michael brought it to me after I had given him my submission to Guidposts re "THE NEED TO EAT LESS MEAT TO HELP OUR ENVIRONMENT." Most people don't seem to make this connection. Liv's character did.

The picture is of Connie and her daughter Amy.
How appropriately the sun shines through in all
its brilliance framing both nurturers of the green environment.

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