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Story ID:2063
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L Provencher
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(c) Richard L Provencher

“Let’s bash him! Let’s bruise him! Or even ‘SCHNOOZE’ him,” three bullies yelled.

“What does ‘SCHNOOZE’ mean?” one of them asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s do it anyway,” another boy said.

From her corner of the school building, Danielle watched nervously. Finally, she could stand it no longer. Her voice roared like a lion, “STOP!!” The bullies looked at the brave girl then ran away.

Danny was really glad. He was tired of being pushed around by those ‘RAMBO-JAMMERS.’ Hey, how come that girl helped him? He wondered. Was it
because they were three against one? Or maybe because Danny was in her grade three too? Why? Why did she do it?

Some call it, friendship.

Danielle and Danny became good friends. They talked about what happened. And wondered how they could help their school. They decided to begin a
Friendship Club. This might put a stop to those “MEENIE-BEENIES.” They liked going to East Court Road School in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia. After the last bell, they hurried home to speak with their moms and dads.

“We think it’s a great idea,” they said. “To have a club that goes around helping children. It could also build up school spirit.”

Danielle and Danny’s parents were very proud. The adults cancelled their own plans for Saturday afternoon. Then took their children to the park for a lovely picnic. Later, they headed to the DQ for ice cream sundaes.

How come their parents were so kind? The children wondered. What did they do to deserve this special treat?

Some call it, friendship.

The next day Danielle and Danny left early to share their ideas with their homeroom teacher. Mrs. White was quite excited. “Would you allow the whole class to join the Friendship Club?” she asked.

She promised them time during class to discuss plans. She even volunteered to be secretary. The class decided members had to follow three Rules:
1. Be polite to each other.
2. No gossiping allowed about anyone.
3. Help cheer up sad students.

Why did Mrs. White’s class care so much for other students? Why did they think they could change anything?

Some call it, friendship.

Now the Friendship Club had many helping hands. Twenty-five students worked like hungry alley cats. They wanted their school to be the best place in town. East Court School would never be the same again. Changes were happening each day.

“Aha,” Alyssa said, as she spotted Tony the troublemaker. “We must make friends with him,” she told her classmate, Rachel. “He doesn’t have a dad, and his older sister has no patience with him.”

Why did they make friends with Tony? Someone might ask. “He’s just a problem child,” others had said. Why? Why?

Some call it, friendship.

Nicole is the fastest runner in the school district. But she feels sad for Elaine, who is badly overweight. “I bet she would like to run like me,” Nicole thought.

After inviting her for supper, Nicole found out Elaine was very good at computers. She was also able to teach Nicole sewing and drawing. Especially animals. Why did they even begin this friendship? Why?

Some call it, friendship.

At first, a few of the Friendship Club students were called names. Like, “Nosey-Boos.” Or “Angel-Puffs.” Even “Snippy-Snoopers.”

“Names and Faces can’t hurt us,” members of the Friendship Club answered back. They were sometimes told to “Buzz Off.” Or, “Mind Your Own Spaghetti.” But the students of Mrs. White’s class did not give up easily.

They continued to roam the hallways looking for ways to cheer up people. And they encouraged everyone to keep their school clean and tidy. Garbage and nasty language were “No-No’s.” Why did they care? Why? Why?

Some call it, friendship.

After awhile other classrooms were interested in forming their own Friendship-Class Clubs. They even asked their parents to come up with new
ideas. “Maybe we can visit some of the families,” one mom said. “And help baby-sit their small children.”

“Or I can tune their car up,” another dad added. “In case they don’t have enough money to go to the garage.” Now why did the parents get involved? What did they care what happened in their community? Why?

Some call it, friendship.

One Friday morning everyone gathered in the auditorium. The Principal of East Court School shouted from the microphone. “Everyone here now belongs to a Friendship Club!” 200 adults and children whistled and clapped. They stamped their feet and gave each other ‘High-Fives’.

The Truro Mayor was the guest speaker. “This chool and community is a better place,” he said. "Because of what Danielle and Danny began. The
Friendship Club.”

The auditorium erupted with more clapping. Even the children who once were bullies cheered from their seats. Why did they care? Why?

Because now, they’re all FRIENDS!

* * *