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Story ID:2114
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L Provencher
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(In Memory of NY Twin Towers 9-11 crisis)

(C) Richard L. Provencher

I live in New York. It’s the biggest city in America. Today I go back to school. So I can learn lots. Mommy says I have to.

My dress is blue. My Mommy and daddy bought it for me. For my seventh birthday.

I’m a big girl now. But Mommy says l can’t buy milk at the store downstairs by myself. No more. Because daddy is gone away.

Daddy used to work in a high tower building. And then it fell down. That was on September, with two ones after it.

Mommy says bad people made two planes crash. Into the building, I mean. That’s where my daddy used to work.

There was a fire. Daddy had to go put it out. Lots of smoke. I saw it on TV.

I was watching my favorite program. Then mommy came and hugged me. I spilt my hot chocolate all over the floor. All over my bunny slippers.

Mommy looked so sad. At the TV, I mean. Not at me. Her eyes had lots of tears. Like a lake.

And she wiped her face really hard. Her cheeks were red like fire. Like on TV. “Don’t squeeze me tight,” mommy. I said.

When daddy gave hugs, he liked to squeeze too. But he’s not here anymore. Now when I go to sleep, only mommy comes. To hug and kiss me.

Mommy stays longer, than before. And we talk a lot. About me and daddy. And mommy, too.

We play card games. Now I win more times. I think mommy lets me win on purpose.

Daddy used to laugh when I tickled his nose. Then he would grab my toes. And play, “This little Piggy went to market.” I liked that.

Now there is just me and mommy. All by ourselves.

In the morning, I still miss my daddy.

Mommy lets me brush my teeth first. Even if I take a long time. She sits on her bed. And waits. I try to go fast, fast.

Mommy stares at pictures of my daddy. And me. He looks so happy in them. There are lots of pictures. All over the house.

Mommy says daddy is in Heaven. I don’t know where that is. It must be a nice place. Because mommy says one day we will be together again.

Daddy and Mommy. And me too.

Now I go to school. And I work real hard. I want daddy to be proud of me. I’ll never forget him.

Because when mommy cries, I remember my daddy.

* * *

Published Online 2003 ”In Remembrance”
Best USA site 2002 & 2003

Richard is successfully recovering from a stroke in 1999. Prayers work! Now he has more time to write. His stories & poems are in print and online with various journals. His chapbook of poetry, “In the Light of Day” is available from Mercutio Press at: www.mercutiopress.com. He is seeking a publisher for his adult novel, “Footprints.” Contact Richard at: richardprov1@netscape.net. He and his wife, Esther, live in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have four children.