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Let This Day Be Forever ~ poem

Story ID:2199
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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Let This Day Be Forever

Cries of joy, as memories from
my own childhood

two boys, eleven or twelve
jumping with life, scampering
across our view, trim
from rushing through their lives

while I, aware of my weight,
tummy pushing forward
grey hair balding, needing a
hat in the coolness of this day

not so with these lads
bare heads, nor gloves, escaping
momís advice, quick glances
then across the snow-filled road
heading to new adventures.

And I, walking slowly with my love
the two of us, chatting, caring
one for another

oblivious to their stares, holding
gloved hands in the twilight of our
lives, unnumbered memories
flavouring an older conversation.

© Richard L. Provencher