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Forgotten Lake ~ poem

Story ID:2273
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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Forgotten Lake

Sunset is a quilt of fire
as mosquitoes skitter
in random flight, dashing
onto lake’s mirror of
reflecting light

bat movements upon a
summer night
dance in patterns of
fluttering delight.

The forest is a visiting
silhouette, our tent nearby.

Bullfrogs burp, loons lament
coyotes howl, each
a part of Nature’s menu.

Owls add hooting, deer call
and rabbits scamper
in clusters of movement.

The land is alive with
motion, and campers dream
within this feasting.

© Richard L. Provencher