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Writing in The Dark

Story ID:2396
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Writers Conference:$500 2007 Family Memories Writing Project
Location:Orlando Florida USA
Person:Janet Perez Eckles
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I am posting this on behave of my friend, Janet Perez Eckles.

She would post this herself, but she has a slight problem, as you will soon read. I read one of Jan's stories a few months ago. I emailed her and
later sent her the contact information
to many wonderful inspirational sites and newsletters. In the last few weeks her stories
have been popping up all over. I'm so happy for her. She has a story that needs to be out in the world.

If this story should win a contest, Jan's email is listed below.

If you enjoyed her story, please take a moment to send her a word of encouragement. She probably won't be able to read it on the web.

Michael T. Smith

Writing in the Dark

By Janet Perez Eckles

When a black curtain fell on my world, its physical darkness swallowed my
dreams. A retinal disease robbed my sight and with it my motivation and
sense of purpose.

But when I realized I couldn't change the darkness of my physical
surroundings.something else had to change-my heart.

Cliches always annoyed me. But this one nudged my soul: "attitude determines

your altitude."

I looked up, and in prayer, I sought wisdom. I began to walk with the white
cane of determination.

With the tools God provided, I set off to fulfill my desire. Using a voice
synthesizer to operate my computer, I entered the new world of technology.
And learning the skill to operate it equaled the challenge to master the
writing craft.

Equipped with my new vision, I struggled through the process. And overcoming

moments of frustration, impatience and constant temptation to give up, I
plunged forth. Once I memorized the numerous key commands needed for each
application, I began to describe each episode in my life: the devastating
loss of my sight, the pain of infidelity and the anguish of losing my
youngest son. At times, I'd pause to grab a tissue and wipe my teardrops
from the keyboard. But I pressed on-- my readers need to see how God scooped

me up as I lay crushed, shivering at the bottom of a cold and dark pit.

I sighed as I moved on. My fingers danced tapping on each key as my heart
poured out each detail-the peace that fills my heart, the confidence that
guides my steps and the joy that carries me through.

With each line and paragraph, I satisfied the urge to shout from the
mountaintops, "You can turn adversity to opportunities and disabilities to
abilities"-the creativity to reach unlimited horizons.

The years swept by, the chapters fit together and the ending highlights
details of triumph and victory for all to read.

I titled my book, Trials of Today, Treasures for tomorrow: Overcoming
Adversities in Life," Xulon Press 2004. The recount of my story is blended
with deep reflections for inspiration. And I added a study guide as a tool
for group discussions.

My readers' encouraging reaction fuels my desire to press on and string
words that spark hope and inspiration.


Janet Perez Eckles, featured in The New York Times, is an inspirational
speaker and writer. She lives in the sunshine state with the love of her
life-her husband, Gene.

And Janet imparts nuggets of inspiration for the hurting heart at:

www.janetperezeckles.comHi dear friend,

Bob Pr

Janet Perez Eckles
Faith and Love with a Latin Flair
Visit my blog-nuggets of inspiration for the hurting heart

Jan can be reached at jeckles@cfl.rr.com