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2007 All Star game/greyhounds

Story ID:2482
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:San Francisco California usa
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2007 All Star game/greyhounds

2007 All Star game/greyhounds

I don't know how many "old ladies" are baseball buffs, but this one is. Who to blame? My Slovak father, of course. He had become a citizen and clearly adapted to our favorite summer pastime - baseball. In the late 40's when TV was just in its infancy and we didn't have one, he and I would be glued to the radio keeping track of our Cleveland Indians. We depended on those wonderful sportscasters and our imaginations as we listened to their play-by-play descriptions which kept us on edge in anticipation which either ended in joy or disappointment. We even made it to the World series in 1948 and by then I believe TV was found in the neighborhood bars and in the homes of those who could afford it. They saw us win the World Series!

Well my Dad would be proud that a Cleveland Indian at the 78th All Star game hit the decisive two-run homer. Even though Seattle's Ichiro hit 3 for 3 and rightfully received the MVP award, Victor Martinez of the Indians -per Ken Rosental (sportswriter) sealed the win. Only two other Indians hit so impressively
with a homer in an All Star game before him - Sandy Alomar and Larry Doby.

However, this supposed "baseball fan" was slumbering when Victor hit his homer. I probably would have jumped out of my seat like all true fans when it happened if I had stayed awake. But I have to admit that I get so wound up feeling sorry for the players who make mistakes or find pitchers in seemingly untenable positions that I say a prayer for all of them - regardless of their affiliation. I'm like the priest who said to us as an aside during his little homily at the Cathedral in 1995 when
we were in World Series contention - let us pray for ALL the baseball players to do well, but let us pray that the Indians do better! Well, their side (Jim Leyland's Florida Marlins) were praying harder and won the World series that year!

As NL skipper of the World Series, Leyland did not succeed in his first All Star bid as
manager in 1996. However, yesterday as Detroit's skipper, he did reach the coveted goal as manager of the AL team who have won their straight 10th All Star game. It seems rather just because before that the NL won 10 straight as well.

Initially, I really was divided in my allegiance because I am very fond of Tony LaRusso, the NL manager. He and his wife are into dog and cat rescue. I wanted so much to send them some of my charitable dollars, but I found that for many years I was helping other state charities and was neglecting my own. So now I try to help the Animal Protective League of Cleveland which has become a no-kill shelter - thanx to Dori. I can't remember her last name and she has since returned to California -her home state. Obviously, she couldn't get use to Cleveland winters! Thanx Dori, wherever you are and God bless.

Since nature calls earlier than usual now, I was up at around 5:30. I turned on the computer and immediately went to Cleveland.com to get the results. Well, our reporters were either asleep or working on the site because there was no news re the game. So, I went to the MSN home page where I found that AL had won! And yesterday one
sportscaster predicted that NL would win because he felt they had a better team than the AL. Well no one is perfect!

Naturally, I was wide awake by now and since I had let Casey out when I first awoke, I
decided to bring her in. What a blessed wonderful shock. It was raining! Poor Casey
was soaked though but a good towel rub-down took care of that. I couldn't believe that finally
we got some rain. Though forecasted for a week, it kept skirting northern Ohio and our lawns were clearly brown already. Today I won't have to water my lawn or the beautiful dry blue spruce which fronts the Dollar Store around the corner. I am so saddened that people just don't seem to care when a tree is unhealthy or dying. I hope my buckets of water will help to revive it. Maybe I should ask the Dollar Store
management if I could prune the dry limbs to allow for new growth. Tree expert I am not, but we all need water!

Back to the computer to click two favorite sites purported to help the animals. Since there are sponsors at the sites, I believe they probably do help the animals. If you care about animals too, you might want to add these two sites to your favorites: "Care2's Race for Pets in Need" and "The Animal Rescue Site."

Next I checked the e-mails and was saddened by the e-mail Vicki sent re greyhounds. For many years I have known how these sweet dogs are bred, man-handled and caged, ofen left to starve and die in their cages once they lose their racing skills. For once I was grateful that Ohio nixed the idea to bring greyhound racing to our state. I don't consider Ohio a particularly animal-friendly state, but this time -Ohioans, you acted spectacularly. Thank you.

Supposedly things had gotten better re greyhound killing and mistreatment, but sadly the article which I read in August 2007 Ladies Home Journal
confirms it has not. Each month the LHJ has an article called ANIMAL AFFAIRS. Thank you so much LHJ! This month's offering by Edie Jarolim is entitled "A GUARDIAN FOR GREYHOUNDS." Her sub-title reads: "Susan Netboy's heart broke for the graceful racing dogs that were being tormented--and even destroyed--and she decided she must help save them.

Jarolim begins her account describing the death of 16 sweet-faced greyhounds. Thanx to a hidden camera, two men were captured emerging from a truck in front of an unmarked field about 10 miles from a greyhound racetrack in Alabama. Each greyhound was led behind a fence only to emerge limp in the arms of one of the men who unceremoniously tossed the body into a dumpster. I could not help but think that not only are the heartless owners responsible for this cruelty, but I believe that the participants of greyhound racing should share some of the blame.

We know that if we go to a dog fight, bull fight, or cock fight--there will be blood and gore and some of these innocent animals will die. With greyhound racing, the participants salve their consciences because they don't see the final sad outcome of some of these gentle racers. Rodeo animals too suffer behind the scenes. When everyone goes home, the animals are bleeding from gashes and broken bones. Some will not survive. None of these events are truly "sports" in my opinion because their outcome is often suffering and death to innocent animals used only for profit.

Netboy was able to hand over the shocking film which became an important part of a 2004 television expose. So much for the veracity of the greyhound racing industry which had long claimed that destroying unwanted dogs was no longer a widespread practice.

One time she alerted the state of Arizona which regulates the tracks re the disappearance of 140 dogs supposed to have been hauled to adoptive homes in Colorado but which vanished en route. The hauler was caught and banned from state tracks and fined $140,000.

For more than 20 years, Netboy has been involved and focused on this graceful breed. She says there are an estimated 38 tracks in 13 states and 10,000 greyhounds are destroyed each year. She also recognizes that many more of them are subject to mistreatment.

How lucky are the greyhounds for having Susan Netboy in their corner. May she continue her efforts until no greyhound is mistreated or senselessly killed. Better yet, let's start dismantling the greyhound tracks all together.