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Ah--The Good Life

Story ID:2643
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Ah--The Good Life

Ah--The Good Life

I would imagine if you asked 10 people what the good life would be for them, you would probably get 10 different answers - everything from sunning on a CLEAN beach with the rippling blue waters lapping the shore to sitting on the
front porch sipping a cup of hot green or white tea while a gentle rain falls.

Yes, I am the tea sipper and I love to sit on the porch and watch the rain come gently down. I remember working for the City of Cleveland in a huge windowless room for at least 17 years before I transferred to another division. There I finally could watch the weather from a large window which graced my cubicle. What a joy
to see my beloved rain falling or the equally beautiful periods of wind and snow flakes bombarding the window pane as I watched from a cozy and warm place. Now retired, these simple joys are always mine to have.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's "What's your opinion poll" I find interesting and I usually give my input. This time they asked - What is your most favorite Cleveland weather experience --a hot summer day, a coId wintry day, or a grey
rainy one. Since they omitted to include a cool spring day, I opted for the grey, rainy one. Yes, I definitely was in the minority and
most picked a hot, summer day.

Casey, my dog is on the porch with me - safely
ensconced behind an expandable gate. I invited
Paulie my cat too but was shocked when he didn't want to come out. I don't like to let him out usually, but when it's raining- there are no birds for him to chase. I was surprised as he usually tries to sneak out when I go to water my lovely bleeding heart planter. I hope he is
becoming more like my female feral cat -Pixie. who doesn't like to go out. Surprisingly, a feral cat that likes to stay indoors?

Another simple joy is feeding the birds. I
learned that from the lovable St. Francis.
I am an equal opportunity feeder --even the pigeons are welcome. I just hope they don't
roost on my neighbors' roofs. This may be a
problem for them and I can understand.

Today I found on my porch a huge plastic bag
of specialty hamburger and weiner buns which Michael, my friend found in a supermarket dumpster. I decided to forego my usual cubing and
sprinkling with an oil/peanut butter combination because I want the bread to go quickly before it becomes rancid. I am on my third package already just shredding the bread and spreading it near my bird feeder.

Among these specialty rolls I was surprised to
find a package of parve (no dairy) Thomas' Square bagels. I had to try one though each is 310 calories. I opted to toast a half of one and then rubbed garlic on it followed by a small amount of non-transfat margarine. Very good. I may buy it the next time I see it on the shelf.

Back to the weather - this past Monday's rain was different. It was anything but gentle. In the early morning I was awakened by a display of God's almighty power. Bright white streaks
of lightning zigzagged across the sky accompanied by loud peals of thunder that probably caused little children to run to their parents in fright and the small animals to take cover wherever they could. My three basement cats were uncharacteristically together at
the door when I went to feed them.

This awesome display of God's majesty of course can and often does cause mayhem, loss of property, flooding basements and roadways, and sometimes even lose of life. It was Greater Cleveland's turn to suffer the consequences of bad weather and the sudden fast deluge of rain caused sewers to overflow and many roads to become impassable and dangerous. I wanted to take the 75 bus to downtown but couldn't. The W.117th underpass on the bus's usual route was flooded. Luckily, I could take the Rapid
Transit and did. Of course, by this time the rain had stopped but the consequences were
still felt. One apartment complex in Parma had enough water concerns that the occupants
were taken to the near-by high school for the night and even longer until the water and the damaged goods would be extricated.

Another simple joy for me is finding and reading the true and interesting stories found on
the internet. I was checking out an e-mail for its veracity on the Urban Legend internet
site and while there I decided to check the Newest Legends link. The title which caught
my eye was thankfully misleading "Deerly departed."

Sometime this year (2007) Chad of Washington and Bo of Virginia were on a fishing trip in Chesapeake Bay and were in for the surprise of their life. They spotted what they thought was a seal's snout cutting the water toward them but soon discovered that it was a deer instead trying to keep afloat in 80 ft of water about a mile and a half off Bloody Point. They decided to give the deer a hand as they manuevered
the boat closer to him. Bo grabbed the neck and Chad got a hold of a flank and then "we barreled over backwards to the deck --and before we knew it Bo was on top of the buck in velvet and had him hog-tied like a calf."
(If it was a buck, it must have been a very young one because I didn't see any antlers on
him in the picture.)

They feared the deer was going to kick them and in a 22-foot center console boat, this was
dangerous. But the deer was too exhausted and lay motionless on the deck. The men steered the boat to the closest beach where they carefully unloaded him on the sand, untied him and jumped back. But he was too weak to even stand. One of them remarked "We don't know whether he made it or not, but we do know his chances were vastly improved for survival than when we first saw him." To that I say amen and God bless.

Someone said that each new day starts off well -NO MISTAKES. And hopefully each new day
ends with a wonderful true story of kindness and compassion whether to a human or an animal as in this case with the deer.

**The picture shows the 117th Street underpass we so often traversed --now under 8 feet of water. Two cars were completely submerged there, but thankfully the occupants had gotten out safely.