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Story ID:2683
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Location:Gilboa NY USA
Person:David J. Pitkin
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By Fred Wickert

A few hours after I posted the article titled, CHURCHLY HYPOCRITES, I received the following e-mail from author David J. Pitkin. I think it is more than relevant. It is to long a comment for the comment section so I chose this way to bring it to the readers attention. He has graciously given his permission to post his letter on Ourecho. The letter is as follows:

Hi Fred: I liked your new story. It is pretty much the way I think on that matter too. Why is it that so many religions condemn people for (especially) sexual “sins” when the definition of sin is “ falling short of the mark.” In my novel I tried to point out that idea which psychologists call “projection” or “mirroring,” when the things we condemn the loudest are things that are locked up in OUR closet.

It seems to me that we all fall short of the goal, and so many times, it is in our heads that we do the most damage. There are many kinds of lust, but our society says that if you lust for money, you are just “a good business man.” Or, if we lust for power and personal recognition, we have other ways to excuse the fact that a parent spends so much time at “work,” that (s)he gives nothing to his/her children, causing another generation of misery when those kids become parents and have kids, not knowing how to nurture because they didn’t receive any.

Jesus said so much about the “little ones” and how we should treat them, and as a teacher for 35 years, I met a lot of parents who needed instruction in that matter.

Then there is gossip (which the Middle Easterners call “dust,” but really means “manure”) which seems so juicy, but which can ruin a person’s reputation without them knowing it. Whole tv networks run on that stuff and people are encouraged to condemn Brittany or Paris or Lindsay or whoever is the actress of the week. Yet we don’t even know them. See what I mean?

I like your comments. David

I believed this letter really hit the mark. I hope you will agree.

The novel that David referred to is his latest book. It is a great thriller titled, THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN: Death and Life in the Adirondacks. David is the author of several other books. If you are interested and cannot find them in your bookstore they are available at Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble website bookstore. They may also be obtained by writing to Aurora Publications, P.O. Box 690, Chestertown, NY 12817. Aurora Publications will provide autographed copies upon request.