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Labor Day Thoughts

Story ID:2769
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Labor Day Thoughts

Labor Day Thoughts

I think one of the first English assignments of school kids is to write or tell about their summer experiences. I think it is good for the soul to reflect from time to time on life's happenings and a season passing is often the
perfect time to do so.

So how was my summer? At least I didn't lose any of my dear companion animals this summer though it was Maria's turn to experience heartache with the loss of her beautiful Reuben. Even as a little girl, Maria was immediately taken by the warmth and friendliness of dogs and among them was my Peaches. Now a grown woman, she had two dogs which she loved with a passion, but now one of them was gone.
The untimely death of Reuben devastated her. The vet had told her that the incidences
of Reuben's falling down was symptomatic of arthritis. I had thought it was more serious
and sadly I was right.

Tomorrow -a special treat for me and Marian. Thanx to Sorin- a kindly former neighbor
whose dog Finelle I had taken care of one January so that he could go to Romania to
bury his mother, we were treated to a very rustic Slovak picnic, a Romanian festival,
and tomorrow I am anxious to see again the Slovak Lucina Dancers. As children, it was
so nice that our neighborhood school let us --the children of immigrant parents experience
and keep alive some of our heritage with the organizing of a nationality dancing group.

Alas, with my two left feet, I demured from participating, but my younger sister and cousin
would dress up in Slovak costumes and dance wonderfully to our folk melodies. Now, tomorrow
I will be able to go back in time with this event. Even my visit to Slovakia in 1973
disappointed me because already modernization had set in and the colorful costumes were gone -- never to return except in commemorative events such as this one where young people in costume still swing and twirl to the lively Slovak music of my forebearers.

Casey, my mostly Samoyed dog got a buzz haircut this past week. The reactions were vastly different. Some said I butchered her, others said she looked cute, some thought she
looked like a puppy. Well, I thought - thank God. I had not kept up with her grooming and
she was terribly matted. My attempts to comb her only netted bagfuls of hair without
managing to untangle the mats. Under my computer white pussies chased each other
around, but thankfully my dry mop eventually caught them. I'm glad I don't have wall to
wall carpeting.

Then there is summer reading though it is no different for me then at any other time of
the year. Today I could not help but share with my e-mail friends what I found out about Alli
the new "wonder" diet drug. The caption seemed hopeful -- Alli does work......but then Dr. Frank Shallenberger in his newsletter --Prescriptions for Healthy Living goes on to
say "Here's why you should avoid this drug: Alli is a Lipase Inhibitor. That means it
specifically inhibits the intestinal enzyme Lipase. Lipase is what allows us to digest
and absorb fats and oils from our foods. And Alli does its job very effectively. Studies
show that it blocks fat and oil absorption by up to 39%.

"Sounds great. But it's not. The creators of this new miracle wonder wanted to offer you
a pill that would let you eat as much fat as you wanted without worrying about it getting
absorbed. They thought that maybe this would decrease some of the blood fats that can
contribute to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and weight gain."

He then goes on to explain that Alli is so effective at blocking fat that 20% of the people
who take it suffer from a disgusting discharge in their stools and some few actually develop fecal incontinence.

And if you want more reason to not take it- Alli blocks your body's abililty to absorb vital
nutrients like vitamins E, A,D, and K which are fat soluable. It also blocks the good oils
which are beneficial and necessary for good health. This is one of the times when I
found a doctor's writing understandable! Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions so you are free to accept or reject this article I found compelling and

IDA (In Defense of Animals) had a very disturbing account of a Miami-Dade Policeman--
Sgt. Allen Cockfield who was charged with felony animal cruelty for "allegedly" kicking his
K-9 partner to death during an obedience training exercise with more than a dozen other
police dogs and trainers present. What's this "allegedly" business since it was done in
the presence of others who sadly did nothing to stop this brute.

What was Duke"s crime? When Duke barked when he wasn't supposed to, Cockfield hoisted the four-year old German shepherd by the leash around his neck and repeatedly kicked him in a fit of rage until he lost consciousness. Duke reportedly died later at a veterinary clinic from injuries sustained during the attack.

As IDA reported - "All too often, police officers get away with breaking the law simply because they are police officers. Sentencing guide lines for third degree felony animal cruelty charges call for a maximum of 5 years in prison which is actually a small price to pay
considering Cockfield brutally took the life of his young canine companion and partner for
something as innocent as an ill-timed bark."

I'm glad I can end on a happier note. I hear the Blue Angels soaring above my house. This year one of them is a woman! I find this amazing because I even have difficulty manuevering
my little Blue Comet!

***The pictures are of Slovak or Rusyn folk dancers.