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Doogie and Tammy Grimes

Story ID:2782
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Local History
Location:East Freedom PA USA
Person:Tammy Grimes
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Doogie and Tammy Grimes

When I got Peaches my first puppy in 1975, she changed my life completely.
I would never look at the animals again in the same dispassionate way that
I had previously. As she grew and I looked into her beautiful eyes, I saw warmth,
need, mischief, and above all love. I knew then that whatever I could do for
God's animal creation would be a blessing for them and for me.

Although Doogie's story has been on Inside Edition, in the National Enquirer.
Animal People, and viewed over 41,000 on You Tube, I only yesterday learned about him and
his wonderful, caring rescuer --Tammy Grimes
of Dogs Deserve Better from my friend Michael. The press release I am now reading is from
Nov. 27, 2006 when Tammy Grimes had to appear in Blair County, Pennsylvania's
court house to face charges of theft and receiving stolen property for the help she
gave a dying, chained dog in East Freedom, Pa. on Sept. 11, 2006.

That in itself is unbelievable and unthinkable- that you can't help a dying dog without
facing theft charges. But to add insult to injury, the court told her that charges
would be dropped if Grimes returned Doogie (her name for him) and receive Advanced
Rehabilitation for her "crime!" All the evidence in this case pointed to abuse and
cruelty neglect on the part of the Arnolds and the court decided that Grimes needed
rehabilitation? What kind of cockamamy justice is that?

Grimes duly noted "The Arnolds have shown no remorse, and have been charged with no
crime by what I feel is a very corrupt system in Freedom Township and Blair County,
Pennsylvania. I could never in good faith return Doogie, presently flourishing and treated
with the utmost respect by his caretakers, to a situation which would lead to his most
certain demise."

Kim Eicher, the Arnold's neighbor had said that she had witnessed Doogie for three days
lying in the mud unable to stand. She had gotten no response from the local humane society
after calling both 911 and it.

Grimes and her team went to investigate and found that "Doogie" was still alive but unable to stand --
his legs flailing about in the mud and his own feces. His condition was documented with video and
photos and he was taken to a local veterinarian for immediate and necessary care.

Sept. 3, 2007- What kind of prosecutor would file a request to exclude testimony
from a veterinarian as an expert witness to discuss the dog's condition as well as the videotape
of the dog and any reference to the dog as being 'abandoned property'? Is this America?
A prosecutor surpressing crucial evidence?

I loved Tammy Grimes "restrained" response to the DA and it deserves in my opinion
complete inclusion in this Our Echo account. I think reading it, you will agree:

"Mr Consiglio has stated that the 'Grimes case has nothing to do with canine rights.' On
the contrary, this case has everything to do with Doogie's rights-his right to live free of abuse
being already inherent in Pennsylvania's anti-cruelty laws.
Whether you bar the evidence or not, the fact remains that laws were being broken for at
least three day before I got there. Yet you've shown no interest in pursuing cruelty charges
against the perpetrators.
It's a shame you choose not to uphold those laws, especially when the Michael Vick case
clearly shows that most of America actually CARES about Man's Best Friend. I'm sorry the
police force of East Freedom, Pennsylvania and District Attorney Richard Consiglio apparently
do not.
My case not only has to do with the right of a dog not to be abused as per already-existing
Pennsylvania laws, but also has to do with MY rights -my fight to defend myself in a court of law
being first and foremost.
If you take away my right to defend myself, which what you are seeking to do, then let me
go ahead and make it easy for you:
Throw me in jail.
I will not pay you a dime.

I have the right to defend my actions, and without evidence I have no defense.

This has nothing to do with theft and everything to do with inadequacy. Inadequacy of
enforcement, inadequacy of investigation, and inadequacy of prosecution.

In seeking to convict me, you actually seek instead to cover up your own inadequacies.

I will gladly go to jail for Doogie, and I would do so a thousand times over, I am not scared
nor intimidated. Barring my evidence cannot stop it from being viewed by the public, which
has happened over 50,000 times on YouTube, as well as on local and national news. You may
seek to hide the truth, but the truth always finds its way out.

Doogie's truth is my truth, and HIS truth WILL set us BOTH free."

WOW AND WOW AGAIN! This is a classic response in my opinion. I am so proud of this
dedicated woman and may God keep her spirited and loving. Chained dogs everywhere
need her. Sadly, I believe Doogie has died since but his memory will live on in the
hearts of all of us who are proud to have had a companion dog who we loved and
respected. And we are proud of Tammy Grimes and her organization Dogs Deserve

And God bless Dietrich Von Haugwitz of blessed memory whose story is also on Our Echo.
He rescued a chained dog and there upon made it
his passion to work for this cause. I believe a city in California passed a law recently making it a crime to chain a dog. Hope this spreads like wildfire. No living being should be chained - animal or human.

The picture is of Tammy Grimes and Doogie