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Blessings -large and small

Story ID:2806
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Vermillion Ohio USA
Person:Deborah Parker
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Blessings -large and small

A couple of years back I watched Oprah's show on gratitude. The suggestion was to daily write in a journal five things that happened each day for which you are grateful. A good idea. Though I don't do it every day, I do try to express
my thanx to a loving God often.

Today (Sept. 8) is the birthday of Mary for Christians and I am grateful that I have her for a role model largely thanx to my Slovak Byzantine Catholic mother. My father was a dear too but it is from my mother that I learned to love the Blessed Virgin Mary and to say the rosary each day. I hope you are taking note of this, mom, from heaven.

For too long I have just been wet moping my linoleum floors-- neglecting the baseboards and those tricky corners. Kneeling was very painful and finally I gratefully thought of using my garden knee pads. Vola! I was able to get down
on my 76-year-old knees without pain and get those neglected corners. I also captured some elusive dust bunnies from Casey, my Samoyed. Now with her new buzz haircut, she looks more like a lamb than a Samoyed claimed a joking Sorin. That's okay by me.

I rarely get on the scales - what for? It's usually bad news. So I was pleasantly
surprised to see I had lost 5 pounds! Well, that won't last long because I found a simple vegan chocolate haystack candy recipe. Sigh - for one day I weighed 5 pounds less!

Everybody -enjoy your favorite summer fruit because soon apples, oranges, and pears will take their place. For me, I bought 3 large nectarines yesterday. I'm more into the flesh than the juice and these were fleshy and sweet and not hard like a baseball-- one buyer warned me about at the beginning of summer.

I am so grateful for the new TV which Sorin helped me purchase last year. It has closed captioning and since I don't like my $2600 hearing aids (Kaiser paid $2,000, I paid $600 for digital), I am able to "read" what's going on. Sadly, those hearing aids are a pain to me and they seem to need a new battery every 2 weeks. I know I sound like an ingrate - sorry!

I am also grateful to Sorin for showing me how
to scan pictures for Our Echo. Technical I am
not, and I can read directions to do this until the cows come home and still wouldn't figure it
out! And for me - a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

He also showed me how to do "System Restore" on the computer. Sometimes my computer seems to get sluggish, so I just click the System Restore icon he put on my homepage and follow the directions which have me pick from a bold-face date to go back to when it was working well.

I am grateful that I can still maneuver without a cane or pain. Sadly, Julia who leads the rosary at St. Cyril's -only a year older than me, seems to have chronic back pain, uses a cane, and just recently fell twice. Her older frail husband couldn't help her up and luckily a neighbor did. Yes, she is on my prayer list and hopefully, the doctor can help her. I am into Alternative Medicine and have ordered a 3 months
supply of Dr. Rowen's MaxPlus (The Complete Vitamin, Mineral, Antioxidant, and Essential Fatty Acid Program) and if I find it helps me, I will certainly suggest it to her. Sadly, most older people are afraid of Alternative Medicine even though the traditional is not helping them either.

I am grateful for the rain. It seems to give the earth a needed bath and over and above, it replenishes our lakes and rivers which as we know are life sustaining.
And on the days it rains I don't have to carry a bucket of water to the new blue spruce pine tree that was planted in front of the Dollar Store. Nobody seems to be tending it. Don't they know that anything newly planted needs water each day and especially during a hot spell?

Coming home from church today I somehow thought
about that horrendous power failure that started
a few years ago in northern Ohio - moved to Canada, northern PA and New York. It was eerie. Everything was off-TV, radio, rapid transit, refrigerators, traffic signs, etc. I felt like I was in a new dimension. I passed St. Cyril's and the Saturday liturgy was being celebrated with only candles illuminating the church. Electricity is a blessing and to go even a little over a day without it made us realize this first hand.

TV is also a marvelous invention. Sadly, the
too many sexually explicit and violent programs are the exception to good viewing. I find programs like CBS Sunday Morning, NOW, the
History Channel, and other documentary type
programs especially worthwhile. But don't worry I enjoy some "fluff" too.

I am grateful for the internet. My friend-- with his same sorry tact - vegans aren't getting
enough protein had me rushing to the internet to find something to refute his claims. There I found a couple of good sites - one explained how vegans meet their protein needs. Another site even warned about the dangers of too much protein. He also felt some people were harming their dogs by trying to make them vegan. I would love to try to to make Casey vegan, but I no longer have the time or stamina. I mentioned in my book about Brambles, a vegan collie who I believe was 27 years old at this time (2003). I'll have to check and find that tidbit, but for now - know that he lived a lot longer than the normal meat-eating dog.

And I'm grateful to the internet for all the wonderful e-mails I get - some funny, some
inspirational, some enlightening, and some very sad. It is a sad one I am reporting now, but I am so grateful to Vicki for sending it. The picture on this entry is of a dog with a tumor the size of a baseball on his face. He was sent to St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Vermillion, Ohio. They are asking donations for the needed operation. I gladly will send as much as I
can. But this poor dog is not the only one needing help. Deborah Parker of the santuary
wrote "I have several dogs coming in this week-end with open wounds from a chain embedded in the neck, and another one dragged behind a car till her feet pads were worn off and toe nails missing. She now has infections on her front legs and she is skin and bones! They couldn't find the pups she just had. The tics were so bad in both ears you couldn't see the ear canal. They are coming from Georgia. So, if you want to know where your donation money is going, please look at the web site. These are some of Society's outcasts and throw away dogs. They have feelings and emotions and a need
to be loved too. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please help me if you can."
Deborah Parker
St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, Inc., 12516 Cherry Rd., Vermillion, OH 44089

I have decided that I should personally try to send something to this worthwhile group each month. They take care of special needs animals from this side of the US. That mother dog's sufferings was absolutely horrific. She was in hell. May she recover from that terrible time in her life and learn to love and trust again, please God.

With their name (St.Francis Animal Sanctuary), I was reminded of the religious group - Secular Franciscans. I had attended many of their meetings and liturgies. Sadly, I never found any mention of trying to help animals. So this non-religious group is doing what I believe St. Francis would have done because he loved both humans AND animals.