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Story ID:2976
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Anywhere All states USA
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I am worried and depressed. I am discouraged at the things I see happening on a daily basis in the country I love, and the country I have served as well as I knew how. I served in the Korean War and experienced the coolness toward members of the military after I returned. I was there when movie star Marilyn Monroe came to Korea, supposedly to entertain the troops. She spoiled it for the troops when a reporter asked her opinion of the American GIís in Korea. She replied, ďI think they are a bunch of underpaid, oversexed teenaged killers who would fight for the communists for two dollars a month more.Ē

Later I served in the Vietnam War where Hollywood sent their representative Jane Fonda. She didnít go to entertain the troops but to give aid and comfort to the enemy by degrading us. When I returned from the war in Vietnam and appeared in public in my uniform, stopping at a shopping center to pick up some groceries on the way home from work, I was spat upon and denounced as a warmongering baby killer. That really hurt. There were big demonstrations all over, against the war.

Later, stopping at a bar in the town near the air base after getting off from a swing shift, I wanted to join a friend for a beer. I was in uniform. A customer at the bar began talking to me. He told me confidentially that he had an Air Force guy living next door to him. He confided that he was worried at first. Then, seeming to be much surprised, he revealed that the military neighbor seemed to be a real nice guy and was a regular fellow. I never understood why he might have thought differently. I told him that we in the military were human beings just like everyone else. I told him we all had the same kind of hopes and dreams as anyone else.

Over the years, after I retired from the Air Force, I saw people gradually begin to change their attitudes toward the military. There was some respect afforded during the Cold War. When that ended, everybody seemed happy and it looked as though they tended to forget about the military.

We lost a large number of men at Khobar Towers in the Middle East, and many even seemed outraged and sympathetic. We had an operation to save Kuwait from an invasion by the army of Iraq, called Desert Storm. The people for the most part were supportive. There was a flurry of legislation to reward the military Ė especially members of the reserves and of the National Guard who had been called up for the operation.

Then came the Clinton years. A president who had said he abhorred the military began sending them all over the world on missions typically not done by the military and that should have been done by the United Nations. Additionally, there were occurrences of immoral conduct even in the White House Oval Office, that were not only dismissed as being no big deal, but encouraged promiscuous immoral behavior in the nationís high schools and on the school buses. It became a common practice for schools to begin handing out free condoms, on the grounds they will prevent AIDS. The Surgeon General even advocated publicly that boys in high school be taught how to masturbate.

Criminal acts of the most heinous nature began to be encouraged by not only the lack of enforcement, but by a permissive attitude of society. Time after time, cases of children being sexually assaulted were dismissed or let go with a little slap on the wrist, on the grounds that he had a hard time when he was a kid. Mothers drowned their children and were forgiven because they suffered from depression. Huge hoaxes and thefts of large sums of money were treated with fines and probation. People sentenced to long prison terms were and are being released early.

Then came the events of 9-11. The nation was in a state of shock and horror. The people pulled together and suddenly became patriotic. The nation went to war in Afghanistan. It became apparent that the United Nations was going to do nothing about Iraq and the offenses being committed by them. The United States went to war.

The war dragged on for a few years. The nation had become in a hurry for everything and expected it to be all over within a few months. It didnít happen that way. The people forgot about their patriotism and went on about their business. After all, unlike World War II when the people had to make sacrifices and there was a huge draft in the country where everyone able to serve had to serve, the people made little if any sacrifice for this war, and the draft no longer exists. Hence, the general populace has made no sacrifice. Business is booming and everyone is doing just fine. They have nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile the members of Congress on both sides of the aisle do not hesitate to downgrade the military. They do not hesitate to deny the military that which they need. They can always blame it on the President if it doesnít go right. Nothing is too low or too disgraceful for them to sink to in their pursuit of political favor or ill-gotten riches. No lie and no slander is too great to use against the military. No amount of aid and comfort to the enemy can be called unpatriotic. Anything goes in the interest of furthering a political career or enhancing oneís bank account.

The will of the people is no longer of concern to those in Washington. Protection of our borders is a sham. Illegal immigration is encouraged and even rewarded against the will of the people.

The news media is manufacturing false stories and reporting them as news. Congressmen are caught committing felonies and rewarded with promotions. Activist judges are letting violent felons go on probation or with little or no bail and city governments Ė even state governments Ė are protecting illegal aliens from law enforcement.

The United States Air Forces are using 50- and 60-year-old aircraft. The Navy and Coast Guard are way behind in modern weapons and ships, while the Chinese Navy and military are rapidly growing. Russia is thumbing their nose at us militarily. Yet the congress, while voting billions of dollars in earmarks and the pork barrel to enhance their re-elections, are not wanting to provide modern, up-to-date ships, aircraft, armor, and other weapons to our military

Last night I heard a report on the news that yet another woman has drowned two children in the bathtub. Recently a ministerís wife committed the premeditated murder of her husband by shooting him in the back with a shotgun. The jury then justified it on the basis of her word alone of abuse by the husband. I ask you, since when, even if true, is premeditated murder excusable for being abused? If being abused as badly as she claimed, does she have no responsibility to at least attempt to get help, or just take her children and leave? She was not being threatened. He was walking away from her to go into the church and she shot him in the back with a shotgun she purchased a few days earlier for that purpose.

Today I heard on the news of an arrest last night by Schenectady police in the Capital area of New York State. There was a prostitution sting operation in which five women were arrested. One of the women, who came from nearby Saratoga, was a more serious case than the others. She had performed sex with two men in the front seat of her car while two of her children sat in the back seat. She also snorted cocaine off the stomach of her 8-week-old baby while she was breastfeeding the baby.

Members of our United States Congress, including the leadership, are making speeches on the floor of the Congress, knowing what they are saying is absolutely false. Doing it knowingly and deliberately for political purposes, attempting to smear people. It is, in my view, the bottom of the barrel, and yet it seems by the politicians and the news media to be acceptable.

Finally, there is an all-out attack on the holy Bible, an attack on Judaism, and most of all an attack on Christianity. The very foundations of this country are under a severe attack. Everything about our moral fiber is under attack and not enough people are standing up and demanding that it stop! Too many people are being afraid or are full of apathy.

I am sad, discouraged, and afraid for this county I love, and that I and other members of my family, three in the Navy, four in the Air Force and seven in the Army that I know of, have served and are serving, putting their lives on the line. Those we won freedom for are throwing it away with abandon.

Outrageous conduct from our elected representatives on down, with little or no shame, little or no consequence to the individuals who are doing it, put this nation in deep trouble. While defiantly repudiating the right of anyone to question their patriotism, they tear down all that is good for this country and the strength and freedom of it. They publicly declare one of the finest Army Generals to be a liar and a betrayer of his nation before he even has a chance to give his report. They have conducted a shameless and unprecedented smear campaign against a genuine patriot, a man who they themselves have attempted to undermine ever since they sent him to do the job in the first place.

By we the people allowing the outrageous conduct that is going on around this country, we are also allowing the rapid demise of our nation. We had better wake up and do it now. No free nation can survive for long in the direction we are headed. We all need to demand better and we all need to do better. We canít leave it up to someone else. We have already done that, and look where it has taken us.


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