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An Untraditional Thanksgiving

Story ID:3227
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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An Untraditional Thanksgiving

I guess for me the most important thing at Thanksgiving is GIVING THANX.
So, I started my day as I usually do with liturgy. I was pleasantly surprised
to see more than the usual number of people in church during the week
who thought as I did.

I particularly zeroed in on a family of grandfather, father, and 3 children.
Mom must have been home cooking because otherwise I would have seen
her with them too. I know I am not clairvoyant, but I believe this family to
be a picture poster of a very loving, solid family.

I had noticed the father when he was but a young boy attending St.Cyril's
grade school in the late 70's when liturgy was attended by all the school
children. Somehow I felt he had a sweet angelic face which for me reflected
a loving soul. Well, now 30 years later --seeing him with his dad, his only
daughter and two very tall, strapping sons, nothing had disillusioned me
about my original assessment of him. Even at the praying of the Our Father-
he and his children locked hands. This is not often practiced nowadays. Do
we think it is an outdated gesture or fear it is too attention- provoking?

However, I admired this gesture and I also recalled at this time that the
young girl was probably one of the first altar girls when finally, the altar was
opened to them. Yes, I was distracted during liturgy, but I didn't think Jesus
minded that I was in admiration of what appeared to me to be a very loving

After liturgy, I went home to make my Thanksgiving meal. I knew Sorin, my
dear friend whom I invited over to share part of the day with me would not be
expecting a turkey dinner. In fact, he was not coming to break bread at all but
to bring a promised new laser mouse and speakers. Both of mine had been giving
me problems and Sorin has been here from the beginning --helping me with my
computer, TV, VCR and DVD needs since 2004. What a blessing! We became
friends at a sad time of his life - the death of his mother in Romania.

I believe it was in January of that year that Sorin knocked on my door. He
lived in the apartment complex at the corner of my street. I had seen him
often with his little dog Finelle but we never had spoken until this day when
he told me his mother had died and could I care for Finelle until he came
back from Romania. He wanted to take Finelle with him but she was just
a little bit larger than was allowable in the passenger seats and he would not
subject her to the cold, cramped baggage compartment.

I agreed to look after Finelle by coming to his apartment twice a day to feed
and walk her. And so he left. When he came back before week's end, I didn't
realize then but I would now have a friend - probably for life. It didn't bother Sorin
that I was an elderly woman slighter younger than his mother. Sorin had other
friends who were older then him as well. Soon he would be helping me with my
computer needs which probably seemed endless to both of us. He also introduced
me to a scanner and showed this klutz how to use it. I was now able to put pictures
on my Our Echo submissions. He taught me how to restore my computer at the
times it became sluggish. In a word - he was my computer and technical angel
though he helped me too with any other needs I would voice.

Sorin is just that kind of person - willing to help his friends whenever he can.
What a blessing to me and anyone who is lucky to call him friend. This past
summer I decided that I wanted to treat Sorin for his kindness and asked him
if he wanted to go to a Slovak picnic out in the woods. He said he would. On the
way there he shared with me something funny he thought I would enjoy. He
mentioned that a friend at work thought he might want to take an attractive
young newly- divorced woman with children to dinner. Well, Sorin is usually
very willing to try anything new and thought the idea had merits --that is
until he quickly found something about her. She told their common friend that
she wanted a lobster dinner!

Disappointed by her "demand," Sorin conveyed his response to their mutual
friend. He told him to tell her that for dinner he was more inclined to sitting
down to a dinner of pork hocks and beans! Clearly, he was not interested in
this woman and her ungracious demands. We both chuckled at this scenario.
Needless to say -- no future dates were arranged.

So, now Sorin was coming to my house later in the day on Thanksgiving to
help me with my computer needs. He had planned on coming last week, but at the
last moment he was called to work because his boss's wife was in the hospital.
So, I suggested that he come on Thanksgiving. I had no special plans. He
knew there would be no turkey and certainly no pork hocks or beans!

All week, I wanted to make stuffed peppers with mushrooms and rice but
somehow didn't feel like cooking. Well, today I thought maybe Sorin would enjoy
my simple Thanksgiving meal with me and finally made them. I also prepared
brussel sprouts with sour cream and shaved almonds. I lazily made the boxed
mashed potatoes to which I added some vegan cheddar cheese. Peach cobbler
would finish the meal. Last week I had been in a "cobbler" mode. I made apple
cobbler one day -- cherry the next. And this week I used peach pie filling for
a peach cobbler. (The best one was the apple). Each had a different recipe for
making the biscuit part.

After Sorin installed the new mouse and speakers, I sat him down to this simple
"animal -friendly" meal. Not surprisingly, Sorin was gracious and thanked me
for my hospitality. I was very glad to share with him the earth's simple bounties.
In Sorin, whose mother was Romanian and father French, I found a friend of
incomparable kindness.

In 2004 he lost his mother and now this summer of 2007 he lost his beloved Finelle
She had been the reason for my getting to know Sorin and knowing both of them has
been a blessing to me. She rests under a beautiful Magnolia tree in his backyard.
We both want to see Finelle again. I believe in the restoration of the earth in which
everything which existed will be again. I hope Sorin believes this too.