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The Perfect 2008 Candidate

Story ID:3322
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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I have to admit that my title was a hook. I wanted to see if anyone
would bother to check out my outrageous claim. Of course, there is
no such "animal." However, we have to keep on looking for the "Almost
Perfect One."

This week - I thought I found "him." (I have no bias against women.)
Someone forwarded a You Tube replay of Mike Huckabee's answer to
a "loaded" question at one of the presidential candidates' forums. He
was asked-- that as a former Baptist Minister did he believe that God
created the world in 6 days. I, and a lot of believers in Creationism,
were amazed at his candid reply. Yes, he said that he believed that
God created the world. Whether God accomplished this in 6 days he
really didn't know. And then he added that he believes in God
and that anyone who doesn't want a candidate who believes in God
should not vote for him. I would have joined wholeheartedly in the
applause which followed his answer.

Many of us have been dismayed over the last 10 years or more re
"politically correct" rhethoric (I wanted to say nonsense) where people
are afraid to speak of their belief in God --where they are afraid to pray
in public, where they feel that Holiday Greetings should be substituted
for Merry Christmas -the REAL reason for the season.

For too long we have been giving atheists and malcontents too much
power in changing long held and accepted Christian beliefs and
practices -- the very same ones that our founding fathers put their lives
at risk to gain. I think they would cringe at the power we have been
giving them in this "politically correct" environment. It seem the
minority views are more important than the majority ones. Does
this sound right?

In my opinion, these people should go to a Muslim country where they
will be hard pressed to find Christians welcome. That should make them
happy. I recently saw on 60 Minutes a Catholic Church in Iraq which
was empty and deserted - as though the parishioners fled in fear. In
reality they did. The Muslim threat was real and they left never more
to return. And our BILLIONS of tax dollars are helping these people? Even
during Saddam's rein --the Catholic Christians were allowed to worship
without fear in their churches. Why isn't the Bush administration doing
something to address this terrible wrong and injustice? How would
any of us like to live in a country where we were not allowed to go to the
church of our choice?

Back to Huckabee. He suddenly went to the top of my short list of good
candidates. But his exalted place didn't last long. Today on MSNBC I
spotted a link re a "black" mark on his past. Years ago his 17-year-old
son was reported to have hung a dog while at camp. Sadly, the then
Arkansas governor used his political muscle to have charges of cruelty
dismissed. Well, for a minister who should recognize that God is kind
and compassionate to all His creatures, for me his conduct was

I remember one time when I found an internet account of two Baptist
boys mistreating a donkey. I don't remember the particulars but I was
saddened that no punishment was meted out to them. I went to the
site and told the Baptist minister my disappointment that there was
so little regard for the suffering of the donkey. Well, thankfully,
I don't remember the unkind reply from this Baptist minister but
I was profoundly shaken up by it. Sadly, I do not think Christian
ministers - of any denomination generally are too concerned by
animal cruelty. I hope I am wrong and I hope things are changing.
I was gratified to see a judge give Michael Vick a 23-month jail
term for his cruelty to the pit bulls he raised and treated most
cruely. Not surprisingly, a Cleveland black activist supported Vick
despite this cruel behavior and felt he should be forgiven. What
little concern for the dogs who suffered terribly from Vick and his

Needless to say, I do not blame Huckabee for his son's cruelty and
misdeed, but to use his political powers to prevent his son from
receiving judgment and punishment for his cruel deed made me
realize that I have to keep on looking for the "almost perfect" candidate.