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Thanx Scott and Gail

Story ID:3411
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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What a series of events and new revelations for me this day! Fred sent out a
beautiful story this morning called "An Old Man and a Dog" by Catherine Moore.
You might have been one of the lucky recipients as well. I'm the type of person
though who likes to know if what I receive is true or fiction. I'll tell you truthfully
that I appreciate those which are true over the make-believe anytime. And to
think that as a child I revelled in reading fairy tales!

Some years back I was receiving so many fabricated e-mails that finally I received
a site called "Hoax-busters" from a friend. I was deeply grateful to him for this
knowledge. Later on two more sites (Snopes and Truth or Fiction) proved helpful
in dispelling the preponderance of fiction which was "burning-up" the e-mail
lines under the guise of "truth." Thanx Gerry for setting me straight in this regard.
I have become a full-blown skeptic and with good reason. So, when I "smell" deception,
I check!

The story Fred sent seemed real enough, but I wanted to be sure. Only because
I want the true stories to become part of my "arsenal" of fond remembrances. So, I
decided to check out the author -Catherine Moore. If she only wrote this one
story, I probably would not find her on the internet. Still I entered her name on
MSNBC's search line. Yes, there were Catherine Moores but I didn't make a
connection to the story.

So, then for a lark - I put my name on the search wagon and lo, and behold-- places
where I wrote anything appeared as links. Our Echo was one. The Free Times,
the Sun Newspapers, and Catholic Concern for Animals were others as well as
a review on my homespun book - Blame it on Peaches. Wow!--I thought - how do
they do this? I decided to write Gail to let her know so that other writers who
don't know about this could also check it out.

Gail responded almost immediately as she does so wonderfully. Yes, she's
done this before and enjoys finding her work displayed. I hope others will find the
same sweet joy as we. I always think of Mark Twain -- who said something
like-- he could bask in the light of a good compliment for weeks. Well, I'm
basking, but it is starting to wear off!

Then Gail mentioned something about Scott and what a sad time he is going
through -- coming to terms with the death of his parents, having to dispose
of their life-long possessions and then just plain ole burn-out from creating
this wonderful site. I was surprised to find out that he alone pays for it. So,
I asked Gail if I could send a small monetary gift come February. I told her
that January's property tax for my small home for half a year ($1,000 plus)
throws my January revenues in a tailspin. But next month I will send
something -- I just need an address. Maybe others would like to help keep
Our Echo afloat. I don't know how Scott manages without advertizers!

Thanx to Gail for being his gal "Friday." I hope there are others who can
help her in this regard. I wish that I could but if you came to my house
and saw the "reading" clutter which I am slowly making an inroad, you
will understand that, aside from this and taking care of 1 dog and 5 cats,
I have enough to keep me busy. When I retired in 1996 - I thought -- now
I can really get rid of most of this "sea" of written materials. I promised
myself that in 10 years my house will be unrecognizable -- clutter-free like
my sisters! Guess what, it doesn't look much different from the day I

Soon, reading will have to stop and my paper and magazine recycling
will have to begin in earnest. One recycled box each week is not cutting it.
And I don't want to leave it for anyone else to have to do. I hope no one else
has this problem!

Thank you Scott for creating this website. I think it is fantastic -- giving
writers and readers alike a place to unwind, be entertained, and to express
their gifts freely. Thank you Gail for stepping in to give Scott some relief
and well-deserved respite from what must be a huge undertaking.