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Animals Matter

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various USA
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Animals Matter

Animals Matter

Animals Matter

Animals Matter

Should animals matter? Many people think only humans do. What does God think? No, I cannot speak for God but the Bible says that God was
pleased with all that He created. (Genesis 2: 31 "God saw that all he had made was very good." )

Do we need to be compassionate to animals? Again, I looked to the Bible and found Psalm 145: "The Lord is kind and full of compassion slow to anger, abounding in love. How good is the Lord to all, compassionate to all his

Sadly, I never ever hear sermons in my Catholic Church re the need to be loving and compassionate to the animals. Just recently I tried again to raise consciousness to the leaders of my church by sending the 8 bishops
of Ohio a copy of the ARK -- a bi-monthly put out by Concerned Catholics for Animal Welfare. I also included a letter stating my hopes that some small steps be taken in this regard. Only ONE kindly responded. He felt that because
of the many concerns he sees re human suffering that he is depending on the efforts of people like myself to help the animal condition.

It was not what I hoped to hear. In my opinion, all the Christian churches should be involved in teaching compassion-- not only to humans but to the animals as well.

THANK YOU TAMMY GRIMES. Well, I don't know Tammy Grimes' religious persuasion but to me and others she is a beautiful example of compassion to animals. I wrote about her before in Our Echo but she has appeared again on the In Defense of Animals Internet site. They have named her IDA's GUARDIAN OF THE MONTH for February 2008. Imagine- because she saved
a dying dog who was chained outdoors-- the state of Pennsylvania convicted her of theft. She is to be sentenced on February 22, 2008. Their account of her act deserves quoting:
"Grimes and her team responded to neighbors' calls about a dog who appeared dead when they arrived on the scene. Severely undernourished with his coat bald in patches, the poor canine was unable to stand, his legs
flailing about in the mud and his own feces. The rescuers documented the animal's condition with video and photos, and Grimes took him to a vet. After the exam, Grimes took the dog (who she'd dubbed "doogie") home, where she gave him a bath, food and water.
That evening, Grimes was arrested and taken into custody for refusing to return Doogie to the "Owners" whose long-termed neglect was responsible for his suffering and near-death at the end of a chain. For taking courageous
action, Grimes was charged with theft and receiving stolen goods, and was convicted on December 14, 2007. On the day of the guilty verdict, Grimes posted this statement: 'Sadly, nothing will change until the laws are amended
so that animals are no longer considered to be property, equal in value to a television set or a mailbox.' She is scheduled to be sentenced on February 22, 2008."

What a beautiful person. Doogie was never returned to his former "owners" whose long-term neglect was responisble for his terrible suffering at the end of a chain. He spent his final months with an adoring foster family receiving comfort and loving care which he had lacked on his chain and from his former owners.

Grimes' first dog rescue happened in 2003. After seeing this poor dog named "Worthless" suffering at the end of a chain for two years, she managed to rescue him. She renamed him Bo and he enjoyed the rest of the last six months
of his life in her care. She started "Dogs Deserve Better" -- an effort to bring
awareness to the terrible cruelties inherent in keeping a dog on a chain. You can find her site on the internet if interested.

IDA asked us to write the governor of Pennsylvania for a pardon for Tammy. I pray to God he gives it to her. The wrong person was arrested! Hopefully, one day laws will protect the innocent and not the guilty.

L'OREAL -FINALLY HUMANE. This first week of February I was so happy to hear on the local news that L'oreal has finally discovered a way to test the safety of cosmetics WITHOUT USING ANIMALS. That means that other cosmetic
companies will be able hopefully to use the same alternatives developed by them. Just today I came across a flyer which described one of their horrible tests for SUNSCREEN. A PETA flyer wrote what one disgusted technician saw happen: 'Richard placed tape around each tiny mouse's head, covering the eyes and then taped them face down to a board. The animals struggled and squeaked during the procedure. The test material is aplied to their skin and they are placed under a sun simulation machine; in this case for about one and a half hours.
At about 1:00, Richard walked back to the room carrying one of the boards--all the mice were dead. He said that half of the mice in the study had died from heat exhaustion.' He threw the dead mice-still taped to the board -in
the trash. The animals had been taped to the board since about 9:00 that morning." Is this the way to treat God's creatures?

In the 70's those of us in animal rights learned about a horrible test used then - the LD-50. Small animals including dogs -maybe especially dogs, were force-fed cosmetics until 50% of them died an excruciating death from this horrible forced ingestion. The sense of it - I have no idea. Just how much lip stick do women ingest?

And then the cosmetic skin test whereby a bunny's fur is shaved on part of his body and then the product being tested is smeared onto their raw, shaved skin causing suffering from the swelling and severe skin damage. The picture should tell just how humane this test is.

So, for the past 30 years that I was aware of, thousands --perhaps millions of these poor animals were subjected to such cruelty for COSMETICS! Thank you God, I never used them! Somehow- maybe the picture in my mind of the beautiful Jewish mother of Jesus -- sans make-up made more sense to me then using cosmetics. However, the ladies who wanted to use cosmetics without hurting animals found a way to buy compassionate ones. I believe The Body Shop was one of the first pioneers to address this need. Most of us still look for the label on shampoos, soaps, or cosmetics which reads "NO ANIMAL TESTING."

CBS -THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE DOWNED COWS SEGMENT ON NATIONAL TV. It still seems incomprehensible to me that rich corporate
owners of the cattle industry would allow such cruelty shown on a TV clip of workers this past week jabbing, poking, shoving, or using a
forklift to move the sick, or injured suffering cows who were unable to walk on their own to the slaughter line. The humane thing would be to euthanize them -- but these unconcerned profiteers see only dollar signs before their eyes as each cow makes it to slaughter. Sadly the USDA either lacks the will or the manpower to stop this cruelty which is clearly an infraction of the ANIMAL WELFARE ACT (which I gratefully believe former Senator Dole pushed
through Congress) and it continues. This yet another horror we have been aware of as, in my case, since the 70's.

Dear, dear Mother Cow. Some people will laugh or make fun of me calling you this but then I see you as a living, breathing being like myself with needs like my own. You need warmth, love, food, water, sunshine, exercize. etc. just like we all do. I am so sorry that "they" keep you artificially inseminated ad infinatum (no sexual pleasures for you) for as long as they can so they will endlessly milk you until they will send your spent body to the slaughterhouse. (I'm glad I don't need milk and some doctors are questioning just how good it
is for us generally.) And when giving birth so many, many tiring times in order for you to have milk, your daughters will be "spared" to take over your milking duties when you are deemed "used up" -destined now after years
of service - not for retirement to green pastures but to a slaughter house. Your sons may be put in little crates and raised for veal. Many of them will almost go stir-crazy until death releases them from this cruel confinement
where they cannot even turn around. How can we treat these little calves so cruelly?

THANK YOU LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL. On February 1st, the Los Angeles City Council voted 10 to 1 in favor of a measure to mandate the spaying or neutering of all cats and dogs over four months of age in the City of Los Angeles. Excepted from this measure were those who fell under one
of seven exemption categories. The ordinance introduced by Councilmember Richard Alarcon which is expected to get final approval today (February 8) will make Los Angeles the largest city in the nation to ratify such a
comprehensive companion animal sterilization law.

Before anyone feels this impinges on "personal freedom" please consider that more than 15,000 cats and dogs were killed last year in the City of Los Angeles' animals shelters, costing taxpayers more than $2 million. Certainly
as IDA writes "Spaying and neutering animals before they reproduce is the most effective way to end this sad cycle of suffering and waste." IDA joined other animal advocates in throwing their full support behind Councilmember Alarcon's compassionate measure. So whether you look upon this as a utilitarian measure (saves taxpayer's dollars), a compassionate one or both, I appreciate California again for
"leading the way." They have been credited for being in the forefront of many new and innovative ideas, and I personally congratulate them for showing us different ways to address problems. I believe they were the first to introduce the no-kill shelter. San Francisco is hoping to ban all plastic bags and bottles from plugging up their landfills. Many Californians made being vegetarian or vegan credible at a time when it wasn't. Today
this movement will help the animals as well as the environment if more people will follow their good lead. Thank you Californians for all the great innovative ideas from which we can all learn and benefit from.