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It's My Day

Story ID:3527
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Fort Lee NJ USA
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Its My Day - Valentines Day

It was Valentines Day. I looked at the beautiful woman at my side. I love you! I
said softly to Ginny.

She looked up, I love you too!

I love you more! I smiled.

Our little ritual would go on all day. I love you! I love you more!

In the first months of our relationship, I always loved her more.

Wait a minute! Ginny said one day. How come you always get to love me
more? Its not fair! I want to be able to love you more.

We created a schedule. I get to love her more on Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday. Ginny has Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We split Sunday in half. We each
have equal time to love each other more. Each time I speak to Ginny on the phone, look
into her eyes, or hold her, we speak our words of love - one loving the other more. It has
been this way since weve been together.

I get confused sometimes, forget what day it is, and say, I love you more.

Ginny is quick to respond, No way! Its my day! I love you more!

A few weeks ago, Ginny and I had our grandkids for the weekend. They were
running around, playing, laughing, and crying. They did all the things young children do.
They kept us busy for two days.

On the second night, after they went to bed, Ginny and I were sitting on the sofa
exhausted. She was on her computer; I was on mine. I looked up, Ginny, I love you!

She turned to me, smiled, and replied, I love you more!

No! Its my day! I love you more! We both smiled. She slid across the sofa
and into my arms.

I held her and realized, we had not voiced words of love all day. The boys kept us
so busy, we didnt even take the time to say, I love you.

It has been a long time since Ginny and I have had young children in our home. I
asked myself, how many couples start out with love and promise in their future? How
many couples started out saying, I love you! and I love you more! and later, when
life got busy, forgot to say it? How many marriages have ended, because couples forgot
to take a moment from their busy lives to say, I love you!?

The weekend alone with our grandchildren made us both realize, we need our
time. Every couple needs their time. We need time, if only a few minutes a day, to
say, I love you!

If you love someone, please take a moment to say it. Your heart will swell when
you do. It will burst when you hear it in return.

I pray you have someone to love. I pray even more that you make everyday
Valentines. You shouldnt wait for a special day, to tell someone close to your heart that
you love them.

Michael T Smith