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Story ID:3532
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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Peanut Butter Cookies

Hey, wake up! Come on. Wake up. Please George!
What's wrong, Ryan?
Wake up.
I am awake. How come you took all the blankets last night, Ryan?
I did not.
Did too, Ryan.
Did not!
SSSH! You'll wake up Mr. and Mrs. Archibald.
I think they're already awake George.
Nah. Look, it's still dark out.
You know for sure?
Grown-ups sleep in. Why did you wake me up so early?
I'm hungry, George.
How come? You pigged out on three pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken last night.
I'm still hungry.
Well...what do you want me to do about it?
A cookie. I'd love to have a great big peanut butter cookie.
Yah. I remember all them cookies Mrs. Archibald baked last night. Want me to get some?
Then let's go, if you're not chicken. Quietly...I said quietly.
Yup. Your feet ever cold last night, George.
Well what did you expect? You took all the blankets.
Did not.
Did too, Ryan.
Did not.
Did too! Not my fault this is such a poor place. They ain't even got a bed for each of us.
Can I get a cookie now George?
Yah. But we have to be real quiet.
Yup. George, you already said that.
If we wake them up, they'll kick us out, Ryan. And besides, I'm tired of moving, again.
What did you say?
Only a couple each, all right Ryan?
Yup. Do you like peanut butter cookies too, George?
SSSH! Don't step on the cat. Watch your step, OK? Hey only two each. No more. We don't want them to notice. And don't knock the cookie can on the floor, OK?
Let's get back to bed. Fast.
Quick. Jump in bed before she comes. I think I hear her. She's coming. Hurry.
Hey, give me some covers too, Ryan. Move over some.
Yup. How come these cookies are so good, George?
I dunno. Why don't you eat them so I can get some sleep?
Do you think we're going to get adopted, George?
Nah. This is just a foster home. We have to go somewhere else to get adopted. Besides, who would want us?
But I really like Mrs. Archibald, George.
Know what happened last time we got bad. Remember we got moved? I hope they don't get too mad about these cookies. Get some sleep now. OK, Ryan?
Ryan, you never say very much.
Well what do you expect from a seven-year old kid?
Kid-brother George. Besides you're only two years older than me.
What Ryan? Can't you see I'm tired?
George, I love you.
Don't give me any of that mush, Ryan.
You're all I got, George.
Yah. True...True. Now get some sleep, OK? Please?
How come momma gave us to the Children's Aid, George?
I dunno.
Maybe momma didn't want us. You think so, George?
Don't say that. She promised to come visit Sunday.
She didn't want us George.
No Ryan, that's not true. Mom just can't look after us right now.
I got no friends. No family, just you George.
YAH. YAH. Ryan? Don't forget I know Mom loves you too.
George, are you crying or something?
Quiet, I'm thinking. Maybe if we’re good, we can stay here. No more moving around, even get bunk beds. Sound Okay?
Yah. It might work out. Then when mom feels better, we can go home again. What, Ryan?
Let's get some more cookies.

* * *

© Richard L. Provencher 1995

Richard and Esther Provencher invite you to view their novels written during a recovery from a stroke, which gob smacked her husband Richard in 1999.

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INTO THE FIRE is about Troy who has no real friends, only an imaginary one, JC. Without him, Troy might not be able to cope with living in the country, since dad took up drinking. Troy has to be the man of the house because a terrible accident killed mom three months ago. Then a mystery changes everything.
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