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My Montana

Story ID:354
Written by:Kathe M. Campbell (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Drawing/Image
Location:Butte Montana USA
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My Montana

My Big Sky Country

Come see my Montana, and maybe just a splash of Washington as well. This is a piece of artistic attempt with oils in my antiquity. A dozen more are scattered amongst our children's homes and a few have been sold. I might even envision the kids saying . . . "Whoops, here comes Granny Hook, hurry and hang her paintings back on the wall."
Just kidding, I think!

Didn't dream I had it in me. Once started it became an obsession as I envisioned the next one. I contemplated doing all the grands, but they grew faster than I could paint. My only remaining untalented left hand killed the yen. At least for now. Maybe someday, God willin'.

This is the Lime Kiln Mine just over the top of my mountain at around 8000 feet. The old timbers have now toppled into decay and dust, but the mine once produced silver, gold, and copper.