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I Just Want to Hold You

Story ID:3541
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Fort Lee NJ USA
Person:Ginny - My Wife
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I Just Want to Hold You

Chirping birds roused me from sleep. I open my eyes and saw sunlight streaming
into our bedroom through the half opened blinds. I roll to my right and looked at my
wife. She’s so beautiful.

I thought back to the day we met. It was the day Ginny captured my heart. She
stepped through the arrival gate at the airport and into my arms. I held her for the first
time and knew one day she'd be my wife.

She slept as I continued to stare. Unable to restrain myself, I slide across the bed.
Still sleeping, she instinctively rolled to her side, and allowed me to snuggle against her
back. My right arm slipped under her pillow. My left stretched over her side and cupped

I held her and placed my head next to hers - smelling her hair. My left hand rose
and fell with each breath she took. My eyes closed. A sigh escaped my heart. Holding
her, I felt more warmth, comfort and completeness, than I have ever felt before.

We hold each other every night - all night. I snuggle against her and think about
our relationship.

In the mornings, as I leave for work, we hug and say, "I love you."

I arrive home from work. She's always there to greet me with a smile.

We hold.

In the evening, we sit side-by-side.

We hold

I pull Ginny tight to me - her skin smooth against mine. Another sigh escapes me.
The love I feel for Ginny makes me melt into her. Our bodies become one.

Every day, hour, minute, and second I want to hold her. I'm not complete without
her. I thought I knew what love was, but I was wrong.

I snuggle tight to her.

This is love.

Love is holding and never wanting to let go.

Ginny, I just want to hold you.

Michael T. Smith