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No Justice for Tammy

Story ID:3551
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Local History
Location:East Freedom Pennsylvania USA
Person:Tammy Grimes
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No Justice for Tammy

I think I ought to be thanking Blair County, Pennsylvania for the unfair
prosecution of Tammy Grimes of Dogs Deserve Better because of the
widespread notoriety this trial is bringing.

Tammy rescued "Doogie" - a chained dog she found writhing in the mud
and his own feces. She and her friends filmed this sad account and then
took him to the vets. That the Arnolds who owned the dog would be so
uncaring, unfeeling, and ungrateful as to call the police because they
charged she "stole" their dog, most of us find unbelievable. But more
unbelievable is that Tammy should have been prosecuted for THEFT. Instead
the Arnolds should have been prosecuted for ANIMAL CRUELTY.

At one point, I was shocked at how unfeelingly Judge Elizabeth Doyle spoke
to Tammy telling her that she was no Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr.
Well, I have news for this haughty judge - I personally feel that Tammy is like
Martin Luther King, Jr. because she too HAS A DREAM --THAT NO DOG LIVE
HIS OR HER LIFE AT THE END OF A CHAIN. This is certainly a type of slavery
for these poor dogs which an enlightened people should not tolerate.

Alice Walker, noted black author whose ancestors knew and suffered
the horrors of slavery said in this regard (loosely paraphrased) that black
people weren't made for white people, women weren't made for men and
animals weren't made for people. The Christian world may believe that God
made animals for man but in reality - everything that God has made is His.
If we need to use animals, we should treat them with the utmost compassion.
I personally do not believe He gave us a dictum which says -- do whatever you
want to them. He knew how frail and selfish man can be. And looking around
and how we treat the animal kingdom --especially the factory farm animals,
I do not believe He would approve of this at all.

For far too long the law of the land is that animals are considered PROPERTY.
And Tammy notes that until this unjust law is changed, there will continue
to be chained dogs who live their lives at the end of a chain.

There are a few links re Tammy Grimes and this case, but I thought that
copying some of Tammy's own inspirational words here will be insightful:

On December 14, 2007, I was convicted of theft and receiving stolen
property for coming to the aid of this dog, who lay chained, unable to stand,
and suffering in an East Freedom, Pennsylvania backyard.
Despite overwhelming evidence of cruelty on the part of the dog's
caretakers, no charges were ever brought against them by either the humane
officer or the police. A private criminal complaint filed by myself and Dogs
Deserve Better languishes unaddressed on the desk of DA Richard Consiglio.
Both video evidence of the dog struggling to get up and after-photos and
videos of the dog walking were suppressed from the jury. These videos are
currently available for viewing on YouTube and our site.
I am to be sentenced by Judge Elizabeth Doyle on February 22, 2008. I am
expected to receive a fine and/or community service, as well as probation for
this supposed crime. I am morally and ethically unable and unwilling to pay
any fine that goes to pay the salaries of those who use power wrongly; those
who punish citizens for helping animals and allow animal abusers to go free
will not receive monetary support from me. (I'm impressed Tammy. In my
The DA has taken flack in the opinion columns of local newspapers for
wasting Blair County taxpayer money on my trial. His solution? To charge ME
for the cost of the trial, reported to be over $1,000. He expects me to pay
costs for a jury who knew nothing of jury nullification, and knew not that
they were free to exercise their own judgment based on their consciences
rather than follow the advice of those in power just because they said they
had to. They were therefore railroaded into a conviction by the actions of
the DA and Judge Doyle."

She wrote more and if anyone is interested, just enter into the search wagon-
Tammy Grimes or Dogs Deserve Better and you will find the rest of what
I consider a CLASSIC REPORT by her. However, the last two short paragraphs
I believe deserves inclusion because for me they speak wonderfully the truth and
reflect the character of this outstanding woman:

"The only way for me to maintain a clear conscience is to choose prison as
punishment for my crime. I hereby request that Judge Doyle jail me for
however many days I should be imprisoned for the taking of a piece of property
who's value, while stated in the misdemeanor charges at 0-$50, after vet fees
was more like negative (-) $960.65.

However, as one of our supporters said, Doogie's freedom from abuse and
restoration to health was truly more valuable than any precious gem; it was
indeed priceless.