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Little Miracles

Story ID:3612
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Local History
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Little Miracles

LITTLE MIRACLES. I'm sure that all of us have either experienced some ourselves and read about many of them as well. Today - March 8, 2008 I
experienced a couple and read about one.

FIRST, MY LITTLE MIRACLE -- that on this very wintry day with blizzard- like conditions I made it to St. Cyril's liturgy. The church is really two small blocks away and on a good day, it takes 5-10 minutes to walk there.
But today was different. First I had to shovel away the almost 1 foot of snow
which made opening my hall door difficult and the pedestrian gate impossible. That accomplished --then I had to make a small dent in the tall snow in my driveway to get to the street. Now I had to trudge through the unplowed street by walking in the tire tracks made by the intrepid and hearty souls who
ventured out. The main street wasn't much better, but again, walkable because of the tire tracts from the few cars on the road. I made it and was so glad to see that about 8 -10 hearty souls had too.

LITTLE MIRACLE #2. As I headed to St. Cyril's, I saw about 4 people trying to help the woman whose car was stuck in the entrance to the parking lot of her apartment complex. I thought surely they would manage to get her out of the drift and into the lot. They had cardboard under her front tire and there were 4 to push. Then with no luck - two went on their way. Finally, I asked the lady standing there to join me in pushing the back of the car as her husband full-throttled the gas (He was doing this for the lady). The other man joined in as well and finally the car began to rock and then it moved forward and out. What a sigh of relief for all.

LITTLE MIRACLE #3 Ken, God bless him wanted to drive me home after liturgy. I convinced him that I would be fine and was concerned that he get stuck because he would be going east to help me. Where would he turn to go west without getting into trouble? So, I made it home back on the walkable streets. But, my own home
would prove dangerous. I had made only a small opening in the driveway for me to walk and to spread my bird seed and coated bread. How wonderful that Schwebel's Outlet Bakery sells bird bread for 10 cents a loaf. Weegie and I had recently picked up 20 loaves - enough for 20 days. This was a much, much better deal than the $1.59 I paid per loaf at Aldi's.
I had already strewn the small path with sunflower seed for the birds and now I was
ready to spread the cubed bread which I had liberally sprinkled with a peanut butter/
vegetable oil mixture. So far so good. I spread the bread in the same place where the
seed had been. I stepped back into the snow drift so that I wouldn't disturb the bread --
when IT happened. The big drift which I had stumbled into caused me to teeter,and I rolled back and forth before going down. Thank goodness, the landing was soft. Getting up was a struggle and perhaps funny to anyone who caught my fall, but finally I got up - none the worse - no broken bones for this 77-year old. Maybe a spill on concrete might have proved a different scenario. Where were you Ken, when I needed you? I'm going to tease him with this account when I see him again. He is so good-natured that he will only be amused and give out a hearty laugh.

(At this juncture I wanted to mention that for those places which have problems with nuisance birds or too many of them, HSUS has humane ways to deal with this problem. I remember reading about New York City especially being plagued with too many pigeons and sadly I read one legislator's solution which, though I can't recall, I remember alarmed me because it was anything but humane.)

MIRACLE #4. Casey my dog is a challenge to feed. I believe her previous owner only gave her food scraps and since she was a meat-eater, Casey became use to eating this way and enjoyed these meat scraps. I got her at age 6 so she was already deeply entrenched into this way of eating.
When I mix kibble with canned food - she invariably licks the canned food off the kibble and leaves the kibble in her dish. Well, I will give her no treats which she relishes until her dish is clean. I feel that she needs the kibble to strenghten her teeth which I feel have not properly developed because of her former soft diet. But if she eats her entire meal, then I even offer her some of my vegan fare which she sometimes likes and other times not. Spoiled she is - but not because of me!
Sometimes that bowl of unfinished kibble is there for a whole day or more until she realizes I won't cave in until it is finished. Well, last night as I slept she cleaned up her bowl so I gave her the treats she was waiting for in the morning. Then we have to start all over again - but today, before I made her bowl, I offered her some of my plate - eggless pasta with cabbage and a falafel pattie. I often use the packaged cole slaw to saute with a little bit of onion because I'm told onion is not good for dogs. I knew she would eat the noodles and cabbage but the falafel pattie made from fava beans and chick peas would be something else. I saw she saved it for last, but surprisingly the next time I looked it was gone! I considered this a small miracle because I think the vegan patties are good for her. She will be enjoying them with me from now on whenever I make them!
Another small miracle in her regard --Sorin brought her White Bites (Oral Care Dog Treat). The size of a small milk bone, I said to him - I doubt she will eat them. No, she didn't eat them - SHE GOBBLED THEM UP. Thanx Sorin for proving me wrong!

MIRACLE #5. I saved this one for last. I consider it more of a big miracle but one
accompanied by very sad circumstances. I went to the Cleveland.com site which is put out by the Cleveland Plain Dealer and for me the same as opening up the morning paper - which of course it is in a way. There it was - a picture of a thin kitten with wide-opened eyes. The accompanying title "Stowaway kitty survives
transpacific journey" made me happy, But this happiness would be tempered by the rest of the story:
"A skinny black and white kitten with a crooked mustache poked her head out of a 5,000-pound roll of cable Friday morning at Samsel Supply in the flats. Looking back at her were the stunned workers who would bring a happy ending to a long, lonely tale of survival. The journey began Feb. 4, when the massive roll of cable was loaded into a metal crate in Johor, Malaysia. The crate was placed on a ship that made a transpacific journey on Feb. 7.
The ship docked Feb. 25 in Los Angeles, where a long-distance trucker waited to haul the crate to Cleveland. When Samsel workers opened the crate, (on March 7th)a foul odor greeted them. They found the rotting body of an adult cat. Then they saw the kitten. She was too frightened to leave the crate at first. Her litter mates were in there, too. All dead. She had been eating their bodies to survive, said Jed Mignano, a humane officer with the Cleveland Animal Protective League."

Now you can understand why this was a miracle story though the miracle did not extend to the mother cat and her other kittens. Still I was happy for this little one who knew suffering first hand but survived. But more sadness filled me as I read some of the unthinking and uncaring comments which were posted. Here are some of them:

"So...your saying you eat your young....right?

"Oh no! Now Asian fleas will replace our good ol 'Mexican ones!

"More imported cheap products. Why not purchase cable from a USA company? It surely would save on transportation costs."

"yay for cats that look like Adolf Hitler!"

The only one which addressed the plight of the cats was:
"Amazing....happy but sad too."

I gave my comment as well but was unable to retrieve it later. Too bad, they already took this story of survival off for some dubious "current news." I couldn't even
retrieve it on their search lines. However, in my comment I mentioned how saddened I was that I read so little compassion in their comments for this tiny creature of God. Even though NAFTA weighed heavily on some minds - in my opinion,
this was not the appropriate forum for politiking. It was a time to rejoice for the
little life who survived and to grieve for those who didn't.