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Story ID:3657
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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If you're like me, you'll find that from time to time a serious deleting of your old e-mails is long overdue. So, I began with one I wrote on Jan.8, 2008 and I had to laugh because I started
with------I should be writing this in Spring, Well, it really is Spring now. I read further--
I will have to blame, but at the same time thank Paulie my cat for this musing.

I have 3 crates of manila files on a chest in what used to be a bedroom. Now it is filled
with files, bedding, a clothes rack, etc. Paulie likes to walk over the crates on his way to the desk where he plops himself before a window to bask in the sun on those rare days
it makes its appearance in these wintry months.

This time-- enroute he had to up-chuck on one of the 3 crates of files. Oh no! Now I have
to remove the files to clean it up. I was not pleased with Paulie and let him know it. I
then removed the files from the crate. Luckily, most of his dinner did not ruin any files
though in reality it was time to recycle most of them. I then gave the crate a "bath" in my tub.

This occurence turned out to be a blessing. I had been promising myself for weeks - maybe
months to start getting rid of the contents of too many files and had been postponing it forever it seems. Now, Paulie's actions told me --IT WAS TIME.

As I was looking through them - finding duplicate files, finding others I no longer needed, I found one entitled "A Day in the Life." I supposed it was yet another attempt at journaling but I found only one page in the file. I read it and thought it was interesting enough to share something from 5 years ago. Was it relevant today? Has much changed since then?

March 20, 2002 --It is raining this March 20th --the first day of Spring, but it will be a chilly one say the weathermen. Nevertheless, we have been blessed this winter. There were Fall
and Spring days thrown in rather generously in this winter's mix, and I, for one, loved it. I
really don't think it will happen again - at least in my life-time.

After liturgy and saying the Stations of the Cross, I arrived at my porch--the first feeding
station of the day. The birds, pigeons, squirrels and a possible stray cat are first on the list since I have my coat on and these are my outdoor "guests." I notice the dish with the cat food has barely been touched. Usually it is empty. I hope this is not a bad omen and nothing untoward has happened to "my" stray. Hopefully, instead he or she has found a home!

I fill the bird globe, sprinkle some sunflower seeds for the pigeons , throw some peanuts
for the squirrel, and then I throw a fistful of cat kibble for whomever. I have discovered that
some birds like it as well as dog kibble.

Now I'm ready to feed me. Every day I make some hot farina or oatmeal with my own added touches. In my bowl of cereal I add some wheat germ, milled flax seed, stevia (sugar substitute) and a dash of salt. Next the hot water and some stirs and I'm ready to pour in my soy milk. Being a vegan, I always lovingly put the blame on Peaches my first dog. I would never have become one but for her. God bless her, because of what I consider a compassionate life-style. I've been a vegan for 25 of my 30 vegetarian years.

Sometimes I make garlic toast or a sandwich made from faux baloney or bacon. I am able to make my own BLT sandwich with the latter using soy mayonaise, lettuce, and a slice of tomatoe. For me it's better than the real thing. It fact, it has become my "real thing."
(The end of my Mar 20, 2002 musing.)

Anybody who has journaled (and I have sporadically) will always find it interesting to reread these throwbacks. Have things changed for me since then? Yes, somewhat. I am 5 years older. Am I still feeding the birds and the squirrels? I found that the squirrels do very well without special peanut treats so I have discontined those. I also now cube bread for the birds and sprinkle them with a delicious mix of vegetable oil and peanut butter. Today I even "dunk" a piece of bagel in the mix and found it delicious.

Do I still feed stray cats? My heart would break if I saw any and would take them in. Peter, Pixie, and Princess were three who had been brought in this way. At 77, I knew that I could not do this any longer, so the cat food dish has been removed. However, the outdoor animals are always in my prayers. They should not be out there. No dogs should be out in the freezing cold either --often chained without adequate shelter, water, and food.

And I really hope and pray that the Los Angeles' ordinance requiring the altering of all cats and
dogs (with some exceptions) will spread like wildfire over the land so that the innocent killing of millions of them each year will cease. I always remember and recall the truthful observation of the local woman who headed an animal rescue called -Valley Save a Pet. She said that people who allow their pets to breed so that their children can witness the miracle of life should also take them to the shelters where so many of them have to be put to death because of this irresponsible notion.

As for my breakfast, I have found that I no longer use stevia. For me it has a bitter taste
I was surprised to find that my older sister who is not vegan uses it and likes it. Now I also
like to add some dried prunes or apricots as well as walnuts to my oatmeal for a very satisfying and naturally sweet taste.

As for the weather, we had snow rather than rain and Easter was early. Because my renter had forced the handle of my car window, there is no traction and it is in a half open, half closed position. Too cold to drive this way - I asked Sorin to take me to the cemetery to place an Easter wreathe on my parents' grave. But when I saw the considerable snowfall --in my e-mail to him - I wished him Merry Christmas and told him not to bother. He laughed and came anyway.

So, in 5 years very little has changed except that I have more grey hairs. Some thanx to the renter who flooded his kitchen because he didn't believe in using the sieve food strainer and he left the water going in his blocked kitchen sink. I couldn't believe it - water coming into my room from above. Thankfully, I had an old Sears suction bucket. You better believe after this faux pas, I asked him to move.

Even though I probably move more slowly and don't have as much energy as I did 5 years ago I was happy to heave the suction bucket of water into the kamode. He couldn't help because he has a heart condition. I was pleased that I had the strength to do this as well as shovel snow and cut my grass. Will I be able to do this 5 years from now? I don't know. I may not even be around. This thought brings me pleasure.
No more suction buckets in heaven!