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Book Review: Every Creature a Word of God

Story ID:4107
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Period Piece
Location:various various Sweden
Person:Annika & Pelle
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I am so grateful to Jan --head of the American Chapter of Catholic Concern for
Animals (CCA) suggesting that I read Every Creature a Word of God by Annika Spalde
& Pelle Strindlund. (Vegetarian Advocates Press, Cleveland, Ohio) So, I sent my check
for $18 (PO Box 201791, 44120) and waited eagerly for its coming.

The beautiful paper back finally came and on the cover was a beautiful face - a cow. I
thought why doesn't everyone see the beauty in this face as we do? I rarely read a book
from cover to cover in a short time, but I did this one. I e-mailed Jan how much I appreciated
this work which moved me deeply. She was glad to hear it and asked if I was willing to
write a review. I have never written a review but I told her I would give it a shot providing
she asks someone in the CCA in the UK to read it and review it. They do such great reviews.

Here is my first ever review. It is a good experience. I never appreciated the efforts of
those who write reviews before. For me It was a challenge to synthesize the import of a

Book Review: Every Creature a Word of God by Annika Spalde & Pelle Strindlund

I found a beautiful central theme throughout the book which is Ps. 145 -
God is kind and compassionate to all His creatures. Biblical accounts generally
permeate the pages starting with the shared experiences of both humans and
animals in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. Another repeated thematic reminder
is given when the authors repeat what Christ said to His followers --that whoever
wishes to be the greatest should aspire to be the least. A remark that is not lost
on us who care about how we treat our animal brothers and sisters.

Questions which may have puzzled us re the animal condition are dealth with here
with wonderful new insights. Was Jesus vegetarian? What's wrong with eating fish?
Did Jesus partake of the Paschal Lamb? I like their thoughts re this last question.
They observed since Jesus was the Pascal lamb, there was no need for another lamb
to be present at the Last Supper.

Both young authors are eminently qualified to comment on religious subjects as Annika
is an ordained deacon in the Church of Sweden (Lutheran) and Pelle holds an MA in
Religious Studies. Annika works with the Swedish Christian Vegetarian movement and Pelle
is involved with The Rescue Service, a Swedish animal rights organization working with non-
violent civil disobedience. Both have been imprisoned for short times in this regard.

They have done a superb job in researching commonly held religious views which have often
not been helpful to the animals. Their quotes from and stories of people of all religious
persuasions and backgrounds are choice. We recognize many of them and it is like meeting
old friends with whom we have so much in common. The accounts endeared me anew to
all those who speak for the animals --the saints, clerics, the Quakers, and esteemed
writers among them. They, Annika, and Pelle confirm our feeling that "Every Creature is a
Word of God."