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Story ID:4115
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Walton New York USA
Person:Linda, Kin Man, Jeffrey, Cindy
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By Fred Wickert

On July 17, 2008 I received the standard Ourecho notice of a comment on my story, FRUSTRATION, Ourecho ID #597. I found the following comment:

ďWish you would please post an update on Linda and her family. Itís been a couple of years now. I pray their lives are back to normal.Ē The comment was signed, Sandi in Fla.

This is an update in accordance with Sandiís request. I did an update long ago titled, RE: FRUSTRATION, Ourecho ID#1171. I will now bring you up to date.

It has been a long and hard pull for them but they have persevered. Kin Man, Lindaís husband had fortunately been schooled on refrigeration and heating equipment repairs and was able to do his own work. Though he worked half the night many times, he was able to keep equipment working, but most of it did not work for long before having to be replaced. Motors, relays and pumps and compressors have all had to be replaced. The gas cooking ranges all had to be completely disassembled and cleaned out and reassembled. He worked some very long hours for months.

The entrance door warped badly at the bottom and was letting in a lot of cold air. Kin Man was able to repair it for the most part and get it at least part way back to normal, but it was obvious the door was not going to last much longer. It also let in a lot of cold air in the winter, skyrocketing their heating costs.

The tile in the dining room floor began coming up. They had just put a new floor in about seven months before the flood. Linda salvaged as many of the dining room chairs as she could. She bought material and reupholstered them. They are not new but look okay and function all right. They donít have as many as before but have seldom needed them.

At Christmas time they had saved up enough money to replace the tile in the dining room floor. The landlord had a change of heart and began fixing up the outside of the building. He rebuilt the walls that had been torn out, replaced missing windows and replaced all three doors in the front of the restaurant. This time the doors are insulated metal doors rather than wood. The siding on the building was also replaced. Kin Man found some matching tile and was able to replace some missing tiles in the steps.

The furnace in the dining room gave out completely and there was no more fix to it. The landlord said, since it was inside, it was the tenantís problem. Kin Man replaced the furnace at his expense, but just in case of another flood, he replaced it with a furnace suspended from the ceiling rather than another wall furnace as had been there before.

Jeffrey is two years older now, and has taken up trumpet as well as piano. This spring he played a solo on the trumpet and three solos on the piano during a large recital. His younger sister Cindy, has also begun to study the piano and she also played a solo in the same recital. The old piano they were given is working out okay, except that it has two dead keys. The children know where they are and live with them.

Kin Man just came home for the weekend and will be recovering for a week before returning to work. Linda has been doing all of his work in addition to her own for more than a week now, as Kin Man was in the hospital in New York City having a tumor removed from his neck and another from just below the adams apple. Fortunately they were both benign.

We missed Mothers Day together this year because I was in the hospital. We missed Fathers Day together this year because Tae and I both woke up the day before with pneumonia and were too sick to go.

It has been a struggle, but they have never asked for any help. They have never complained. They have accepted that that is life, and have gone on to deal with it the best that they can. They are rugged stock and will continue to endure and fight their way back.

Sandi, thanks for asking about my beloved family.