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7 POEMS (2003-08)

Story ID:4119
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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Christmas Tree

bright lights
red and green
ones, twinkling over and over

when i close my eyes, children and
unwrapped presents and laughter
and love

old faithful friend, we watch
with envy
at the glorious beauty
you bring
into our home

© Richard L. Provencher 2003


Country Harbour Nova Scotia

Mackerel fish are attracted to
silver lures red plastic
surrounding treble hooks
their background an ocean
of pounding Atlantic seagulls
as kites windy
nudges feathery in flight
sitting on a new concrete wharf
fishermen of all ages
tested by tidal movement
six hours in
six hours out. And repeating
in the seasons of time.
Staccato of an outboard trolling
for supper loons
playful in salty spray
people watching joking
comparing within
a collage of activity continued
casting jigging lines
and finally reeling one in.

© Richard L. Provencher 2005


Early morning

from my window. I see passers by
and their
anxiety filled faces
bulging tummies
with showy coats of marked-up
retailed cloth

in a trestle of movement, an
overlap of cars, trucks
belching past neighbours
on their way to some
necessary activity.

Behind this wall I inhale
their existence, watch living standards
and record any harmful looks
thrown my way. Their

eyes cannot understand
my wounds, my desire to get out on
the sidewalk and join them.

© Richard L. Provencher 2005


Hello There in Sarnia, Ontario

esther and I share
an evening walk
up lisgar to mayfair street
down Kensington past the
white bundle of fur
barking so furiously from
the bushes
up Leopold st. and again
another dog, this time a
german sheperd, always watchful

striding by your side
our closeness
seeking your gaze
waiting for you to speak
so softly
to mouth any words
our oneness
you and I
loving, needing each other
always together

© Richard L. Provencher 2003


Last Day in September

Leaves quiver before the wind
as leftover coats of Autumn, and

sheep parade hooves to pens
baaing for more grain.
Trees dress as Poplar and Fir doing
gymnastics around us

a kaleidoscope of feathers scuffle
from one feeder to another
woodcutter’s birch in scattered
heaps, dogs slumbering
among familiar sounds. I marvel at

the stillness while llamas trot to
a new patch of grass. Dexter cows moo
happily as they bend and chew
donkeys restraining
harsh braying for now.

My lady and I watch and listen on an
afternoon of sunny Alberta day.

© Richard L. Provencher 2006


North Country

moose river
juiced from dozens of streams
joined together in one great rush
to ontario’s frontier
creates a tiny island-village
moose river crossing
flows on to the lowlands
where early traders
sought the beaver
where radisson stood
and looked across the bay
this james bay
this baby-pond outgrowth
of hudson

© Richard L. Provencher 2003


Old Elvin Dropped By

Bony fists against the door up
the stairs then sharing
yarns after taking off shoes
old school politeness. Long time
no see now talkin’ about home
and family grandson James sick again
wife needin’ Jesus in her life cousin
Grant taken his life
thinking he had cancer

hurricane Juan knocked down most
of Elvin’s trees tractor
needs fixin’ great grandson
Jody handling
his insulin problems well.
Elvin’s voice softens when he mentions
his wife hoping their last day’s
together are to be simple, breakfast
for two at the table eggs his
favourite and sausages not bacon.

Raises an arm time to go
wishing he’d stay longer sharing
his heart retelling tales that
keep him awake in the turmoil of darkness.
And Elvin departs leaving memories
behind feeling better in the telling
now memories in the twilight.

© Richard L. Provencher 2005

* * *

Richard & Esther Provencher invite you to read their first of three novels ‘FOOTPRINTS” now available from www.synergebooks.com. “Someone’s Son” and “Into The Fire” will also be available soon by the same company. These books were written during the first several years while Richard was recovering from his stroke, which felled him in 1999. He is still recovering.

The link to “FOOTPRINTS” is as follows: http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_footprints.html