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Are You Willing To Sell Your Soul - Part II - Success

Story ID:4142
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Fort Lee New Jersey USA
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I while ago, I posted a a story about a publisher
willing to work with me.
You can read the original here:

If you haven't read it, then do so. If you don't,
this post will mean nothing to you.

I am happy to say, "I WON!!!" I'm dancing here.
They want one of my stories for their first book
in a series. They also changed their contract from
"All Rights". I will own the rights to my work and
can resell it.

I'm not sure if they did this for the other
writers, but I doubt it. So many writers are
willing to sell all their rights, just to be in print.

The original contract took all rights

When I complained, they told me to make the
changes I wanted and send it to them. They accepted my terms.

They have their lawyers working on a contract
suitable to writers for their second book.
This time I may be brought in to recruit
writers for them. They will give me a cut of the
action for this.

I know so many writers with stories to fit their
theme. I couldn't approach my friends with their
first contract, but I will for the second

This is a lesson. I could have sold one of my most
published stories for $100 and never been able to
use it again.

I could have approached my friends with a
contract that took all their rights, but I
couldn't sell myself for personal gain.
To be honest, my friends would have been lost.
They would have look at me like mold on bread.

I couldn't do that. I won't do that. When they
revise their contract, I will bring them great
writers with great stories.

In the mean time, I won the first round.
They altered the contract to suit me. I stood up
to them and they agreed to my terms.

All writers need to do this. It's not about
being published. It is about being treated fairly.

Michael T. Smith