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Compassion or Patriotism?

Story ID:4182
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various China
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I am truly disappointed in an American nation which supposedly has
a love affair with their cats and dogs but who are either blissfully unawares
of what is happening to millions of innocent cats and dogs in China - or
whose love of cats and dogs are limited to only their own.

If they are ignorant re the horrific skinning alive of both cats and dogs in China,
then I am disappointed in ALL the animal rights organizations who did nothing
or little to educate their members re this horrible carnage that goes on continuously
in some parts of China.

Anyone interested in seeing a video re this horror, please go to the internet
and type in "CHINESE FUR FARMS." This video shows the terrible treatment
involved in the skinning of dogs which I believe are called raccoon dogs. Other
farms also skin alive cats as well. The numbers are estimated in the millions
but for those who are incredulous - how about hundreds of thousands? Does that
make it less of a tragedy?

Can't the animal organizations ever take on one concern -even though each has
his own? This would have been the best time to make China realize that we don't
want to watch their Olympics if they are so cruel to their animals --let alone their
poor record re human rights. No fear that the Olympics would not go on. There will
always be plenty of people who aren't terribly concerned about animal suffering.

To Congress' credit they have tried to stop the importation of fur-trimmed trinkets
made from cat and dog fur, but as always -unintentionally, they missed some loop
holes which I believe they are trying to address. But as for the rest of people like
myself who have at least watched a portion of the horrific video, no way are we going
to watch the Olympics. If you want to consider me unpatriotic, be my guest. I will
always choose compassion before patriotism.