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How Was Your Week?

Story ID:4311
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Well, I'm not used to "hyper-ventilating," but this past week gave me an opportunity
to practice deep breathing to keep it in check.

I'm grateful Ike didn't do more damage to us in NE Ohio than it did-- though
Sorin, my friend in another suburb, was without power until today. I lost a
large branch off my tree. I should consider myself lucky because a few years
ago this tree in the front had structural damage done to it by an irresponsible
young man driving a truck into it. Even though we were able to find the
culprit, the police let him go without anything by way of lesson-teaching.
I think he should have been fined for damaging the tree.

Today I took a few things to Goodwill which has moved into the
neighborhood next to Marc's on Lorain and W.140th. I was reminded and
saddened that the Giant Eagle closed its store on W.110th. It had been
a TOPS before and when I asked the baker why - he said the building
was old. It was built in 1970. That's not old! My house was built in 1905 -
that's old. He said I'll like the new GE which is not too far away and next
to the new Target store and that it is shiny and clean. I told him that I
don't like "shiny." I like old!
While I was at Goodwill, I stopped in at Marc's and bought the 3 pounds
of carrots for sale. I read recently that carrots are good for you, so I'm
changing the apple mantra to- a carrot a day keeps the doctor away. Don't
I wish, but if it provides the beta carotene or whatever else I need, then it
is a good practice to start. It will also help me stop nibbling on those delicious
peanut butter pretzels that are new and delicious and which a friend of mine
says can become addictive. True, they can and are in my case.

I really tried to help Catalon, a young man with his dog Lola. I gave him
all the tips a 7 dog owner could give. I told him 2 months ago that she needed
spaying and I would contribute $50 toward this. I printed the Friends
of Animals Low Cost Spaying page with names of places locally. Then, because
she was tearing up his house, I loaned him my large cage which today costs
at least $100. It worked so well for my Patti.
That was then and this is now. This irresponsible youth took off to New York
and left Lola to her own devices and she is now pregnant. I believe someone
said that she has been taken in on the next street over. Please God, may she
not give them trouble! She needs a loving, responsible home.
I also hope to retrieve my large cage from his second floor living quarters.
It is too good to be just thrown out. Someone else may need it.

There are two or three young cats finding shelter in my neighbor's porch.
She won't feed them so I have to and I realized that I would either have to use
the TNR (Trap, neuter, return) offer made by the APL or somehow corralle them
in myself. I had hoped at my age, that I wouldn't have to bring any more cats
in - the result of uncaring people's irresponsibility, but sadly the City of Lakewood
has no humane alternatives for them. If they can't find homes for them, they will
be euthanized.
Since I wasn't sure where the APL is, I asked Monica, a friend, to take me down
to pick up 2 cages they offered for use in TNR. She promised to pick me up at 3.
She finally called at 3:30 but by then I had cancelled because Marta of the TNR
project would be gone by 4. I guess I'll just have to try to coax them in myself and
look for low-cost neutering closer by. Their deal was great though - $40 plus shots
and exam for feline leukemia. The trapping sounded a little daunting to me
though, and if you had a Thursday appointment for neutering-- you needed to set the
trap on Wednesday because they didn't want the cats in a cage longer than
necessary. At least I learned a lot about this new phenomenon -TNR.

I was watching the Mike and Juliet show that comes on at 9 in the morning.
Their show is worth while and interesting if you've never watched it. Today they
had a segment re a state seeking to ban pit bulls. Naturally, the horribly misguided
state is Ohio-my state. I already knew about this and have sinced e-mailed my
representative as well as the leadership in Ohio. Please God, may that state-wide
ban not pass! Holland, after 25 years, has rescinded theirs. There was no discernible
difference in the number of dog bitings as a result of the ban.
Some wonderful people on the show with their pit bulls said what is so very,
very true. The pit bulls are as good or bad as their owners. Why punish the dogs for
cruel ownership? And the quote from the Ohio legislative saying that the Center for
Disease Control has said that pit bulls account for the greatest number of bites
is false per the National Canine Research Center. Who to believe? We are great at
misinterpretating data just to make our point.
I still cringe when I see the ad which states that Palin stopped the bridge to
nowhere in Alaska. What the ad failed to say was that she did so when it was
clear that it wasn't going to go forward. And what the ad also didn't say was that
she didn't stop the taxpayer's earmark money for it and used it for infrastructure.
Let's tell the whole story - not just the part which makes us look good.
And as re the pit bulls, I was so pleased that the ABC national news had a
segment on recently showing how wonderfully some of Michael Vick's pit bulls
have been rehabilitated and have since found loving homes. You probably know
that the Ohio's legislators who are aching for the ban won't care a fig about this
news item.

Speaking of TV - if you've never watched Jane and the Dragon - I heartily
recommend it. The Canadian writers are superb. They have created a
wonderfully moral young lady in Jane, an apprentice knight, who lives in the
middle ages and befriends a dragon. Sounds too childish for you? Not for me.
I don't usually like children's programs - but this one I love. It use to be on Sat.
at 12:30 but they moved it to Sunday morning at 7. I'm up then and so I watch it.
Try it -you'll like it. The human characters are drawn stick-thin and that even
makes them more engaging!

A street over, someone was ditching their concrete goose which had structural
damage to her neck. They let me take her and with my dolly-type of contraption,
I managed to lift her to the shelf at the bottom and the too of us - an old lady
and a damaged goose wended our way to my house close by. What a sight we
must have been!
She clearly needed 'medical" attention to her neck and received it
from the handyman who had some mixed concrete leftover from the hole
he patched on my foundation. Not an artist by any means, he did not welcome
my trying to blend the concrete with more water to make her neck smooth.
So, now I'm going to get some sandpaper and smooth her out. Soon she'll
be good as new and on the job protecting my yard from intruders.
She is also a sad reminder of the terrible way some of her fellow geese are
treated in the making of foie gras. I'm sure most of you have seen how a pipe-
like instrument is inserted into their bills leading to their gullets while
copious amounts of grain is poured in - I would imagine enough to gag them.
What a horrible meal- taking for these innocent beings.
One compassionate legislator in Chicago prevailed on other members to
outlaw the serving of foie gras in Chicago restaurants and it passed! But,
unbelievably, within a short time Mayor Daley made sure that law was
overturned. I have no respect for a "Catholic" mayor who is so unconcerned
about animal suffering. I wrote him via e-mail that even Pope Benedict the XVI
said that our stewardship over the animals IS NOT ABSOLUTE.

So, how was your week?