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Remembering Vicky

Story ID:4340
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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I'm sure that we all have had happy coincidences. This week I experienced
a special one. My sister Anna stopped over with a year's supply of the 2007
Prevention Magazines which she hoped someone would enjoy. I thought I
would at least peruse them before finding a new home for them.

One segment featured a vet tech's unhappy vacation experience on the road
when her dog exhibited signs of bloat. After finding a vet who hesitated, she
actually led the procedure which brought immediate relief to her dog. She
shared her story on Prevention telling people- that should they travel with
a pet they should take the time to check the animal hospitals enroute.

I went to the site where she suggested checking animal hospital credentials
and found Warren Village Hospital near me. Their site featured a picture of
a cute hamster. I loved the picture of 2- year old Beatrix who had been sick
but was now on the mend after a stay at a hospital. Everyone loved her because
she was now full of life, love, and spunk.

Naturally, I had to send her picture to my e-mail partners. This is where the
coincidence comes in. This picture of Beatrice made my sister Anna remember
how Vicky, her daughter, as a 11-year old was happily taking care of a hamster,
mice, and 10 rats. My sister said she loved them all and took good care of them
herself, but was told that this would have to be the limit.

Well, Vicky could not say no when someone offered her 3 more rats, and she
disobeyed her mother and took them. Anna was working the third shift in a
factory and was asleep when Vicky was bitten by one of the new rats. Vicky
decided she would not bother her mother or older sisters and took the rat to
Lakewood Hospital which was within walking distance. She told them she
wanted them to check out the rat for rabies, and if it had rabies, she wanted
a rabies shot. The hospital called my sister and told her about this episode.
They thought Vicky was a very bright and unusual child. They were right
on both counts and she had an IQ of from 145 -150. But what happened next?
Well, I'm pretty sure that if they bothered to check for rabies -that rat was

Grown up now, Vicky was to be of help to me in this particular incident. One
day I noticed Snowflake, my cat was nowhere to be found. I was taking in
abandoned cats at the time, and until I could rein them into my basement
which was undergoing renovations, my cats were allowed out. This day- before
I headed downtown to my work place with the City of Cleveland in the License
Division, I called out plaintively --Snowflake, Snowflake! But she did not appear.

I don't know if it was that evening or the next, but my eyes caught sight of
something very white in a tree across the street from me. There she was! But
how to get her down? That was a story in itself. Firemen and telephone pole
operators who had cherry pickers no longer "did" cats.

Thank God for Vicky who I called. She said she would ask her young neighbor
and they would come with a ladder. In the meantime, my next door neighbor
would venture to extricate her. He managed to climb up to Snowflake, but coming
down was another story. Thankfully-- Vicky, the young man, and the ladder
saved the day.

In 1988 my darling Peaches who was 13 was experiencing kidney failure. I would
often find her wet in her bed and always immediately changed her bedding and
washed her. I was devastated and concerned because I would be gone for 10 hours
each day at work. I asked Vicky who was taking care of her twins, if she would
come over during the day to care for Peaches' needs. Of course, she said she
would. I was so relieved.

One day she called me at work and said that Muffin, my other dog, was not looking
well at all. Did she want me to take Muffin to the animal hospital? Yes, I said--
by all means. Sadly, that visit would show that my dear, dear Muffin was also
facing a serious illness - liver failure. When it rains it pours. Again, I was grateful
to Vicky for helping me in this regard.

But then the unthinkable happened. Here this lovely young woman with chestnut hair died
suddenly of a brain anuerism at the age of 34-- leaving behind her young twin daughters.
Of course-- of all the family, my sister Anna was devastated by this loss. I would miss
her too and so would Peaches, Muffin, and Snowflake. God grant you peace Vicky. You
are remembered gratefully. Now, when either of us goes to the cemetery to place wreathes
at Christmas time and Easter on our parents' grave, we make another very sad stop at your
your grave as well.