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Man is not always a dog's best friend

Story ID:4562
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Janesville Wisconsin USA
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Dogs Deserve Better is an internet site which has stories about dog
rescue as well as poems like the one I will copy under separate cover.

Last night on the news was the sad story of a Wisconsin Border Collie who
was left outside in the bitter cold. Luckily, someone noticed him and
found out that he was actually frozen to the ground while his uncaring
owner sat in a warm, cozy house (my supposition). Yes, I said house,
because whoever was suppose to be his guardian lived in a house not a HOME.

Humane authorities were notified and the Border Collie was extricated
from that frozen spot with warm water which melted the ice which entrapped
him. Clumps of hair came out on the examining table and this probably
saved him from serious injury. Thankfully, he will not be returned to his
owner who is facing neglect charges.

I hope Wisconsin today has stronger animal cruelty laws though sadly many
states still don't. Some years ago a man from Janesville, Wisconsin was brought
on animal cruelty charges. Many of us were told about an unbelievable
happening re how the courts treated the cruelty he perpetrated on a
young 8 month-old Shepherd mix and 4 innocent cats. I am using his initials
BH in deference to his family, but his horrible story of animal torture can
be found on the internet by typing in "Janesville, WI animal cruelty case."

Nikko- gotten from a "free to a good home" offer was duct-taped by BH and sealed
in a plastic container. His 10-year old daughter listened to the dog cry and
whine for a week, until mericfully, Nikko finally died.

Brought on charges and despite his confession and the police finding Nikko's
body in this "home" from hell, the Rocky County District Attorney said he did
not have enough evidence to convict because the decomposed remains of
Nikko were not saved. Unbelievably, the judge agreed with the District Attorney
and the case was dismissed. Big Mistake.

There was a big uproar locally and even from other outraged animal rights people
out of state. They clamored to the courts to have the case reopened. It was. Not
only Nikko's terrible cruelty was revealed but four cats also were his victims
of torture. BH boke Nellie's two back legs, broke her neck, and sodomized her.
Nellie's rectum was stretched to 10 times its normal size. A used condom was
found near her body.

Three other cats were also found in BH's house. Their skulls were crushed and
their jaws broken. They were strangled with ropes. I believe this is one of the most
cruel accounts of animal torture I have ever read about, but sadly, you can find all
too many accounts of animal torture in each state of our nation by clicking "Petabuse.com.
No one should get away with animal torture and sadly, probably many do.

In July of 1998, BH of Janesville, WI did go to trial and this time the animal torturer
was found guilty on five counts of animal cruelty and one count of weapons
possessions. Each count carried a 2-year penalty. Applause broke out as the sentence
was handed down. Nikko, Nellie, Butterball, Monkey, and Morris --there was justice
for you at last.