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My Christmas Medley

Story ID:4580
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Manhattan KS USA
Person:Nancy Kopp
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My Christmas Medley

I looked back through the stories I have posted at OurEcho to see how many Christmas stories there were. Imagine my surprise to find 7 stories and 2 poems that dealt with Christmas. Most are memoirs.

If anyone is looking for Christmas reading, you might like to take a glance at any or all of these. I have listed them with title, ID number and a little note about each one.

A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this sacred holiday.

1. "Finding The Right Christmas Tree" #1265--a memoir about a special tree lot we visited every year.

2. "It's The Simple Things" ID #1362--a story about a special evening with Czech exchange students. Published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas book

3. "A Christmas For Julie" ID #3206--a story about our first child who spent Christmas in a children's hospital and brought the meaning of Christmas to my husband and me. Published in a Christmas book titled The Big Book of Christmas Joy

4. "The Best Christmas Present Ever" ID #3207--a story about a fifth grade teacher and how I learned that giving is better than receiving. Also published in The Big Book of Christmas Joy

5. "December Thoughts" ID #3303--memories of my childhood Christmases

6. "Sadness At Christmas" ID #1396--a short note to those whose hearts are heavy at this time of year

7. "Dust Off Those Holiday Memories" ID #1220--an essay about the negative and positive thoughts of holiday memories--published in Ozarks' Senior Living

8. "The Bell's Of Christmas" ID #1282--a poem about keeping Christmas in your heart all year long

9. "Hear With Your Heart" ID #1284--a poem that deals with angels

I hope to have another Christmas memory story to post this year.