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Today and an update on the feral cats

Story ID:4586
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Today is awful- weather wise. Rainy slush are the operative words and I
went out without an umbrella! Luckily, Michael was on his way to church and
shared his big umbrella with me.

Then when I went to feed the birds - I cleared a path which only allowed
the water in and my coated bread and seed to get soaked. The pigeons
were out there in the rain - unusual. They must have hoped for my
oil/peanut butter -coated bread for some warmth. I made a second batch
and this time threw it on the glazed grass. (I also buy generic cat food
and mix that with the coated bread.)

Another lesson I forgot - I need a good support shoe - in other words -shoes
with ties. I have been wearing the velcro type closers and I began to
wonder why my left foot didn't feel up to par. Back to oxfords for me!

The grey feral twins are eating me out of house and home! They can't
seem to get enough food! I don't mind, but they are getting too FAT
and that is not healthy for either man or animal. Well, the good times
are over. I thought if I gave them all they wanted they would decide to
cut back. No such luck. I am going to have to reduce. My other 5 cats
are always satisfied with what I dole out- not these two! Patrick almost
tips the bowl of mixed wet and dry food if I'm not careful! But he is cute
and Penny is getting a little less wary. I can now see what a feral cat
is really like.

My dear handsome black feral Prince comes on the porch around 5 in the
evening. If I open the door as he approaches, he backs down and waits until
I'm long gone before he ventures back. I make sure to change the water
because overnight it becomes a block of ice.

I am grateful for my warm house. I feel so bad for both people and animals
who may be suffering the terrible cold of a slushy, rainy day. God help us
all! How can people sleep letting their dogs and cats out there in such fowl
weather? How can they sleep knowing that they will be responsible for their
free- roaming animals to breed and suffer in this weather? How many fur
babies will die as a result?