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Quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest

Story ID:4654
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
Person:All of you
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If anyone is interested, the Writers Weekly 24-hour Short Story Contest is being held on 1/24
at 12 noon Central Time.

The cost to enter is $5. They allow only 500
people to enter and give away 85 prizes.
The top three prizes are $300, $250, and $200.
You can see the whole list at

At 12 Noon Central Time, entrants are sent a
paragraph and the required word length. They have
24 hours to submit their story.

This contest always excites me. I would never
have dreamed I would get such a rush from writing,
but there have been times I have panted after submitting my entry at the last minute.

My entries have not made the money round yet, but
I have won a few of the non-monetary prizes.
I have also sold five of my entries to a
publication in Canada. They made me the featured author for their magazine that issue.

This told me my entries were good, but the judges
were looking for something else.

They do tell you in the instructions to try and be
original. Many come up with the same idea from the
paragraph. You need to let your mind wander.

I know our fellow member Fred entered once, but
never received a confirmation email for his entry.

Fred, I had that happen to me when I entered the
last one. I emailed the owner of Writers Weekly.
She forwarded me the email that was sent to me.
It seems a spam filter somewhere blocked it.
That was the only time I have had a problem.
I usually receive a confirmation of my entry
within minutes.

If anyone else wants to enter, I think it would
be interesting to compare our entries and get
feedback from our family of readers here at

Just to let you know, I am no way affiliated with
writersweekly. I am throwing this out as a
writing related challenge for those interested.

I find the contest a lot of fun. My wife helps
me come up with ideas. I think I have posted a few of them here.