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An Historical Moment Looms

Story ID:4674
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various District of Columbia USA
Person:Pres.elect Barack Obama
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Black means different things to different people at different times. Retailers
hoped for ending in the "black" after the 2008 Christmas season. Sadly, I believe
many did not. Most of the year 2008 has put us in a "black" mood and disposition.
I'm sure that 2008 must have had something to commend it. But I think
most of us find it hard to decide what exactly-- except for perhaps the one
bright light --the election of President-elect Obama. Hopefully, most of us
believe he is endowed with many sterling qualities to commend him. I think
even those who might not like him are amazed at how much he has already
accomplished since he won the election.

I think hard work was ingrained in him from an early age when he revealed
that his mother woke him up early in the morning to go over his studies before
school began. When he complained, he said his mother reminded him - Buster,
its not easy for me either. After his mother's death, I believe he gives credit to
his grandmother for continuing the work ethic his mother started.

I personally am swayed by the words people speak generally. For me Obama did
not disappoint. When being interviewed after becoming declared the president-
elect - he lightheartedly told the reporter that Michelle had asked him if he
was going to take the girls to school the next day. She replied - I did not! He
was joking, and by doing so I believe he wanted to stay grounded,

I admired him when he remarked about their desire to get a dog from a shelter.
He said this may prove problematic since Malia is allergic to some dogs. And he
mused that there aren't too many pure bred dogs in shelters as most are all
mutts like "I am." I think this was yet another deprecating remark to help him
remember who he is - a father first. However, personally, I believe there is
nothing deprecating about the dogs who are mutts. Most of mine were and
they proved to be great companion animals. I never looked for a pure bred --
especially since there were so many "mutts" who were homeless. I am so
saddened when a "pet" becomes a symbol of our worth. And the idea of "designer"
dogs I find sadly reprehensible.

Even on the Friday before his inauguration, Obama found time to made a trip
to Bedford Hts., Ohio where he inspected a "green" plant involved in making
components for Wind Turbines. I know of no other President-elect being so
involved with his agenda as to spend this important time to keep the needs
of our country paramount as he prepared for an honor which only a select
few will ever have.

And he, like so many of us, is a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln. He started
by making his announcement to run for the presidency in Springfield, Illinois
where Abraham Lincoln did. And then I believe it was said that after leaving
Bedford Hts., Ohio he traveled to Philadelphia where he made a train trip to
Washington as had President Lincoln before his inauguration. And hopefully,
the urban legend that he is Muslim will forever be dispelled when, at his swearing
in as president, he will place his hand on the very same Bible as did President

I'm hoping that we won't expect "miracles" because as we all know --the economy,
the bank failures, the housing market collapse, the loss of so many jobs, and
the near collapse of the auto industry are all problems of monumental proportion.
I and I believe millions and millions of us are hoping and praying that Obama
will succeed in "righting the ship." I heard a TV news personality use this
quite apropo image in describing our nation's crises.

And using the "ship" image, we must all be aware that no captain of a ship can
navigate it alone. For this "ship" Obama needs not only his "crew" which he has
already largely assembled, but he needs every one of us to back and support him
when we can if we hope that this ship will be righted. He needs us to not make
unrealistic demands and expectations because no one person--however talented
and hard-working can realize this monumental task of addressing so many
problems by himself. I know ideologically I will probably differ with him on some
issues, but I pray God they will be few.

Not only will I try to support the new president whenever I can, I will do what I
hope every God-believing person will do. And that is pray for him. Really such
a"little" thing to do, and yet I wonder how many of us realize this importance.
Maybe we didn't pray enough for the Bush presidency. Remember that by praying
for Obama we are also praying for ourselves.