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Story ID:4729
Written by:Kathe M. Campbell (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Things to do
Location:Broken Tree Ranch Montana USA
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How many times are we citizens of this glorious land encouraged to write our representatives in Washington D.C. with our points of view, our gripes, and our praises for jobs well done - or not? Do most of us realize what a gift it is to voice our opinions when other countries can't even imagine such freedom without retaliation? Worse yet - can we all honestly say we know who our representatives are?

I write congressman and senators from both parties because I've been asked to for more years than I can recall. It's one of those things we always say we're going to do, but somehow it doesn't always get done. It means getting bombarded with campaign literature each year at election time, but what a small price to pay for the privilege.

Not since before the election of the president have I seen so many email petitions for gun control and ammo, illegal alien issues, buy American, SS, and of course what should or shouldn't be stricken from the latest stimulus package, or even if it should be passed. The lists are going on and on during this first month of the new administration.

According to Truth or Fiction or Snopes web pages, these emailed petitions won't ever see a desk in Washington D.C., however here is what I do if I see fit to sign my name. I forward the entire petition, including all umteen thousand names, and either paste it to a new page, or hit forward and send. At the top I address my congressmen and senators, write an appropriate short note and sign my name, address and email addy.

I am forever amazed at the good records the aides keep on homefront constitutants, for they still recognize both my husband and I as party chairman and surporters of their canidacy from way way back, and acknowledge same. Despite wails of indignation over this or that, my representative's office always returns a nice answer as to his or her position either by mail or email. Montana has two Democratic representatives and one Republican at present, and I write to them all with my concerns.


It's so easy to either keep your representative's D.C. address on hand, or the link above which allows you to click on your state to find them all. When you click on their name, their photo, standing, committee membership, or chairmanship, and other pertinent contact information pops up. They won't bite and you might be very surprised how happy they are to have your good words, your suggestions, and yes, even your gripes. It's my First Amendment Right - make it yours!