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A Journal Entry for a Snowy Day in February 2009

Story ID:4740
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Diary/Journal Entry
Location:Lakewood Ohio USA
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Today is a blessed day for me. Yesterday wasn't, but I don't get too
down on days that are less then I would wish. No energy yesterday
so I didn't do much of anything. I took 2 Echinacea tablets - I probably
was heading towards a cold. They worked- I am fine today. By the way,
this senior does not get flue shots. The less drugs in my body, the better
I like it.

Sandra of Alabama has put together her animal welfare books and DVD's.
She had an appointment with the head librarian re using some library space
for this. While Sandra says the interview went well - one never knows what
the board of advisers will say. So, please say a prayer if you care --that this
becomes a reality. Knowledge of the animal condition is important - especially
for people who are open to compassionate treatment of them.

I told her about Jonathan - a Jehovah Witness from Sunnydale, CA who was an
intrepid animal rights person. He managed to get space at his library too. What a
wonderful loving person. But somehow he let himself go and he became heavy.
He had been a handsome younger man. I think the weight gain had caused his
probable heart attack. They found him dead in his car.

Well today on the feast of St. Blaise we got our throats blessed. Then the
rest of the day went well. I posted an article re my happiness that the
Philadelphia Archdiocesen Schools will now go cage- free re their egg use. I
was really thrilled. Catholic response to animal cruelty is almost nil. Even
the monks in a NE monastery were using battery cages and defended their
use because it was according to the Egg industry regulations. Wow - they should
have been concerned about compassion - not the cruel Egg Industry's

However, with the exception of possibly the Buddists and Jains -all the other
major religions are also guilty of lack of concern for the traumatized laying hens.
But in this little post are the caring views of one Catholic, one Jew, and one
Jehovah Witness. I'm sure though that nation-wide and even world- wide
there are many, many more of us out there.

I hope that readers of this journal entry will take the time to view the
internet link re the huge Wegman Egg Farm in New York where 750,000
laying hens are crammed in small cages to spend their entire lives so cruelly.
I'm glad they don't suffer for me. Vegans do not eat eggs. My cakes, pancakes,
etc. will attest to this, but a small sacrifice to know that I haven't been
instrumental in their suffering. A little compassion goes a long way, but
most people don't even give the suffering hens a passing thought.

I have been neglecting my spills on my stove and I had to get out the
big gun - the caustic spray-on. I wish that the natural cleaners like baking
soda, lemon juice, and vinegar would do the job - but not this time. I waited too
long. I hope I make sure that I take care of spills in a more timely fashion
from now on!

Those two grey twins I had altered in the summer are something else. They
are true ferals. If I didn't stay and watch them while eating, the other three cats
might not get to finish their portion as the ferals sometimes try to "horn" in and
get stolen seconds. But no way -they are becoming too fat and round and this is
worrisome because fat cats are not healthy cats. They even sometimes try to
steal food from each other. I knew when I first got them that they would probably
eat like there is no tomorrow or that tomorrow's pickings would be slim - but hey,
they have been getting two squares each day for quite awhile now!

It's suppose to hit the low digits tonite. I hope that it won't be as bad as predicted.
I worry about the homeless people, the chained outdoor dogs as well as both stray
cats and dogs. How are they going to maintain body heat in these freezing
temperatures? Yes, some in all these categories I'm sure have been found frozen
to death.

I'm looking forward to a warm-up over the week end. I sure would like to get my
car out to do some shopping. My bird bread is low. If it doesn't thaw I will ask
Monica to take me for some more. Even though I pay her for her trouble and the
gas, she could always use the money because she is divorced and money is tight
with 4 children. And I'm always way ahead with the 30-40 loaves at 12 cents a loaf.
I feel this is more than a bargain-it's more like a small miracle. That's why I can
buy the more expensive veggie oil and peanut butter to coat a panful of cubed bread
each day. Each morning my yard is filled with sparrows, black birds, and pigeons,
and they are all welcome.

Prince- the 10 lb. black cat I released after neutering comes on the porch and
sometimes peers in the window if the food is not there. I don't want to put it
out because since I mix it with the wet cat food - it will freeze. He use to run
when I opened the door. Not any more. He waits till I set the food down and lets
me give him a small pet. We've made progress. He is cute too. If I spot him
heading to the back of my house --I call out Prince, Prince, and he comes arunning
through my shovel-wide path. I can only see his black top racing toward the porch.

Well, I hope your day was blessed too. If not, tomorrow is another day!