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Look Forward - Remember Fondly

Story ID:4744
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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Look Forward - Remember Fondly

A opened an email from my friend in
England. In the early 1990’s, Alan and I
were neighbors in Nova Scotia. He’d sent several
links from Youtube.com. They led me
to songs and videos of my home province.

I watched, listened, and cried. Pictures
of the Cabot Trail, with its lush green
mountains and the blue oceans, rolled across my
screen. Peggy’s Cove, Halifax, and the
red cliffs of the Bay of Fundy flashed before my
blurred vision. Tears rolled down my
cheeks. Nova Scotia and my Mum are 3300 miles
away. I haven’t seen her or my home
in many years. My life journey takes me further away from them.

I wrote my friend back. “Thanks for the videos, Alan. You made me cry.”

He replied, “I only lived there for a short time, but they made me cry too.”

I started to write him back. “Alan, I
know what you mean. Nova Scotia was my
home. I lived there for more than thirty years.
It is dear to my heart, but I lived in Saint
John, New Brunswick too. I was there for only a few years, but I feel a fondness for it
as well. Later, I moved to Ohio …”

I stopped typing. Memories of other
places returned. Ohio – cornfields, friends
and the co-workers are behind me. New Jersey –
The Turnpike, the Hudson River,
Manhattan to explore, the many jobs I worked, and
people who came into my life.

They’re behind me too. I remember them all with fondness.

I began to type again. “Alan, you lived
in Nova Scotia for a year, but I understand
your fondness. It’s the way I feel about the all
places I’ve lived. It’s easier to look back,
remember, and enjoy the past. It’s like the
mother’s apron we hid behind for safety.
There’s comfort there, but the future gives us a
chance for more. It provides us with an
opportunity to love new people and new places.

“It’s time for us to look forward and
remember fondly.”

Michael T. Smith