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Rodeos are no Fun for the Animals

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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I find it so hard to understand how people can buy a ticket to a rodeo
and enjoy watching cruelty to horses, steers, and calves. Anybody who
finds this "clean" fun and enjoyment should click SHARK'S You Tube
account re this. SHARK, an acronym for "Showing Animals Respect and
Kindness" exposed in their undercover video the use of hidden torture
tools used on these animals in rodeos. They also even captured The
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association's top-level officials rigging the
competition and violating the association's own rules at the National
Finals Rodeo.

SHARK'S VIDEO probably enraged PRCA so much so that they contacted
You Tube to remove it -- claiming they were a copyright violation. SHARK'S
precious response: "Stupid cowboys, don't they know you can't copyright a
live event? In any case, SHARK sued PRCA for abusing the takedown
provision of the Digital Milennium Copyright Act. Since cowboys apparently
can't fight anything but helpless animals, they agreed to settle to the tune
of $25,000." My humble response - Yea!

I'm hoping that people who don't believe that these animals are abused will
visit this internet site: http://sharkonline.org/?P0000000392 as well as view
the SHARK You Tube video to see for themselves the heart-wrenching pictures
of horses, steers and calves in moments of suffering and even pure agony.

I have read so many good things re the late Cesar E. Chavez and not surprisingly
found this hard working Migrant Union leader was not only concerned about the
mistreated workers he represented but he was also a man of compassion when
it came to animal suffering.

It has always been my belief that any religion which doesn't teach its followers
compassion to animals is not truly reflecting the loving God of all Creation. All
that He created is good and all of it - people, animals, and the environment must
be treated with great respect and loving care. Sadly, in my three score plus
years, I have not found this to be the case of the major religions including my
own. With the exception of the Buddhists and Jains-- today's major religions fail
miserably in conveying love and compassion to the animals. Of course, that's
because they don't consider them worthy of their teachings.

I am proud though of individuals like Cesar Chavez who I believe had been baptized
in 1927 a Catholic like myself. In 1990 he wrote this letter to Eric Mills, Coordinator.

Dear Mr. Mills:

"Our society is becoming increasingly concerned about the welfare of animals,
both wild and domestic, and rightfully so. The area of animals used and/or abused
in the entertainment industry deserves special scrutiny.

There is great need for legislation to ensure the humane treatment of animals
employed in rodeos, and I would certainly support any such bills. I understand
that most rodeos don't even require that a veterinarian be present--this seems
the very least we owe the animals, who are participants through no choice of
their own.

Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society.
Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals,
is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people.

Racism, economic deprival, dog fighting and cock fighting, bullfighting and rodeos
are cut from the same fabric: violence.

Only when we have beome nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live
well ourselves."

Cesar E. Chavez (Dec. 26, 1990)

For me this letter is an "I Have a Dream Speech" for the abused animals. I
admire greatly both Cesar E. Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr. who I consider
two of my most favorite people. I am also proud to note that they were my
contemporaries as well. I am sure that God was pleased with their efforts to
teach compassion and love to all His creatures. My prayer is that more of their
ilk will be raised up from the coming generations to assure that new voices of
concern will be heard for the oppressed and suffering --whether human or animal.