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TROY GOES FISHING storybook for ages 5-8

Story ID:4775
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard & Esther Provencher
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Richard & Esther Provencher
81 Queen Street, Unit 6, Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada B2N 2B2 Phone (902) 897-2344
E-mail: richardprov1@netscape.net

A Storybook for ages 5-8
Word Count = 783


Troy and his father drove a long way to fish for brook trout. But willow branches hid the best spots in the stream.
"I only want to get one huge fish," said Troy.
He cast his line in the middle of foamy rapids. But, only small fish were biting.
Dad finally said, “I’m going to bring you to a better place.”
The boy was quiet as they headed back to Mr. Best’s driveway. This is where they dug up worms earlier this morning.
"Hi Mr. Best!" said Troy, trying to be cheerful as he held up one small fish. He noticed his father wink at the other man.
"How would you like to catch a really big fish?" Mr. Best asked. The boy gulped, barely able to speak.
Both men chuckled. "Get your line ready,” they said.
Troy clipped on his brand new Red Devil spinner. And a juicy looking worm, from the plastic box on his belt.
“Where are they?” he asked.
Mr. Best brought Troy and his dad to a small pond, behind the farmhouse. "You can keep any one of these rainbow trout," he said, “but only one.”
Troy stared as dark forms slithered back and forth beside the bank. Any one would be perfect.
"But, you’ll never catch the biggest one in the pond." Mr. Best smiled. “He’s too smart to get caught by a young fellow. You’ll have to be satisfied with a smaller one.”
"I’m going to catch the biggest one in the pond," Troy said. Yes, his mind was set.
“Catch him, and he’s yours!” the men teased.
Troy walked slowly around the pond, stepping carefully over rocks and around thistles.
He was careful not to crush colorful wild flowers.
The boy lay on his tummy, and peered into the water. He looked for a hideout any large fish might use.
He dropped little bits of worm for a snack. Only small ones came to investigate. He knew his father and Mr. Best wondered what he was doing.
His plan was just beginning. Troy made a few short casts. Then quickly reeled in, before any fish took a bite.
"Farther out! No over there!" The men shouted from their lawn chairs.
Troy walked slowly around the pond, pulling his fishing line through the water.
One rainbow trout seemed quite interested. Not big enough, he thought. He moved the line quickly so it wouldn't bite the worm.
"Looks like a nice one!" both men shouted as they came closer to watch.
Troy didn’t pay attention to them.
Another fish showed itself, then another and another. Troy kept pulling the wiggling worm away from curious fish.
"Where’s the big one!” The men laughed.
Troy began to run around the pond, making sure he kept ahead of the fish. His wiggling bait was now attracting a lot of attention.
Troy’s father was getting impatient. “Get one. Get any one. They're all big fish."
The boy knew his plan was now working. A line of fish began to chase his bait in single file. Their open mouths followed the yummy looking worm.
Several fish leaped over one other, trying to get closer.
Troy moved faster and faster. He wasn't going to catch just any size. He was after the largest fish.
Mr. Best jumped up and down. “Go Troy!” he yelled. His wife joined in shouting, "ATTABOY! Get the one you want!" Troy looked like an Olympic runner speeding around the pond, shirt flying in the wind.
Every fish in the pond was on the move.
The boy jumped over an old tire, then ducked under tree branches. Nothing could stop him now.
He was like a dancer around the pond, being careful not to tangle his fishing line. By now all the fish in the pond were in a straight line, chasing his bait.
Then it finally happened.
The smallest rainbow trout dashed ahead and grabbed the hook. He tugged really hard. The next fish became jealous, gave one leap and tried to swallow the smaller fish.
The next fish did the same to the one in front.
Each kept doing the same, until every fish in the pond was holding onto the one in front of the line.
Troy’s father, Mr. Best and his wife stood still as statues. Open mouths meant Troy’s plan was working.
“Simply amazing!!!” they shouted like a choir.
Now, it was Troy’s turn to stare.
A long line of fish stretched in single file all around the pond. Each hung onto the tail of the one in front. They were joined together like a long rope.
Troy caught every rainbow trout in the pond.
And the largest fish was at the very end!

* * *

© Richard & Esther Provencher 2009
All rights reserved