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TROY NEEDS HELP storybook for ages 5-8

Story ID:4777
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard & Esther Provencher
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Richard & Esther Provencher
81 Queen Street, Unit 6, Truro, Nova Scotia
Canada B2N 2B2 Phone (902) 897-2344
E-mail: richardprov1@netscape.net

A Storybook for ages 5-8
Word Count = 773


Troy could barely see Dad in the falling snow. It was like looking through his bedroom window blinds.
Why did they have to go for a night hike anyway?
On Christmas Eve he should be warm in bed. Not out here in the wild forest. Dad said a little walk around their country property would get them in the holiday spirit.
“Besides,” Dad winked, “we might even see Santa."
"Wait for me!" Troy shouted. It was quite slippery on the trail. Pushing through the snow, his “RUMM! RUMM!” noises sounded like a snowplow.
The snowman shape that was Dad finally stopped. He pointed to the stars. “They’re watching over us," Dad said.
But Troy would rather be looking at a mountain of French Fries. And drink a cup of hot chocolate. Then play games with his racing cars.
He pretended to be a snowboarder when he suddenly slipped on the ice. Two little legs twisted into a spaghetti heap. It was like being on a toboggan slide. Down and down he went.
Snow exploded in all directions.
Seven tumbles later Troy landed at the bottom of the hill. He was so surprised, he could barely whisper, "Dad."
His father was still on top of the hill.
Dad would walk back and forth, until he was almost dizzy. But blowing snow might cover the boy’s tracks.
The sky soon turned blacker than a magic marker. And fluffy snow dropped like goose feathers from the sky.
Around Troy, rabbits moved back and forth. Their snowshoe feet made trails for friends to follow.
Troy tried to catch one that ran between his legs. Whoops, too slow. He tried chasing it, but the snow was too deep. At least moving around kept his feet warm.
A deer marched into an open field. Spikes on his head were like crooked fingers. He held his head proudly.
The moon shone like a flashlight on the animal. If only Dad could see this, the boy thought.
Troy didn't dare move. The beautiful deer might hear his heart pounding. Clouds floated overhead. Stars twinkled.
Finally the deer leaped into the forest. His white tail waved goodbye.
Now Troy saw a bright light. Or was it a large star? He remembered the story of baby Jesus from Sunday school.
In the story, a brilliant star led three wise men to His birthplace.
Now the star was joined by a string of lights. It looked like a sleigh at the end. Could that be Santa and his reindeer? he giggled.
The lights seemed to dance back and forth across the sky. It was a real exciting sight for Troy. And now a new thought made his eyes sparkle.
Did they want him to follow? Yes, he would.
Oh my, Troy thought, he should be home in bed right now, if he expected any presents. “Dad, please hurry and find me,” he wished.
He followed the lights as they moved across the sky.
His tummy ached from hunger. If only he had a plate of French Fries, with lots of ketchup.
A coyote watched the boy cross a small ridge.
An owl hooted, announcing his nightly hunt. But this was not any ordinary night.
It was Christmas Eve, a time of peace.
A mouse scampered from under the shelter of a tree. His pencil-black eyes looked left, right, then up. Could that owl ever be friendly? The animal wondered.
Troy also looked up. If it was Santa he hoped he had a huge bag of gifts. He wanted an electric train set this year.
His legs were getting very tired. Walking through snow was not easy. And he began to stumble over tree stumps, hidden under the clumps.
Troy stood still, looked around and waited. As if something good was about to happen.
He turned towards the sound of crunching steps. It looked like a snowman had moved from a stand of Spruce trees. And walked slowly towards him.
One word filled the empty space in Troy’s heart.
Snow scattered in all directions. Man and boy were more like two charging bears. They wrapped arms around each other. Then Troy’s chilled face began to glow with warmth.
His smile was wide as the sky.
"Hey buddy! It's Christmas!" Dad said, looking at his watch.
“And you’re the best present ever,” Troy said. He gave his Dad a high five and pointed up.
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" was spelled out in large letters across the sky.
Troy said, “Let’s go home now.”
"I’m going to make us the best snack ever,” Dad promised. “Hot dogs, pancakes, chocolate milk…"

* * *

© Richard & Esther Provencher 2009
All Rights Reserved